A Lefty Pundit Finally Gets It!

I’ve always had a soft spot for Juan Williams.  Sure, I disagree with his lefty rants on NPR and Fox, but he’s an honest debator even if he’s misguided.  That’s what makes this story so good.

You see, Juan wants what every parent wants.  Juan wants a good education for his children.  As an African-American who is big on civil rights, he wants educational chances for minority children in particular.  Fine.  So when President Obama (do we get to call him “Mr. Obama” as the left did with President Bush?) goes back on his word and rips a better education away from poor, minority children who were succeeding in private schools, Juan just…

Well, read for yourself.  Any more anger, and I think we might have a conversion in the making.  Juan has some choice word for everyone involved, including the teachers’ union, the education secretary, and yes, The One himself.  As a former public school teacher (scraping together every penny to send my own child to a private school), I salute Juan for waking up.  I think he’s starting to understand.