A Call to Arms! (Coleman - MN)

We all know about the race between Senator Coleman (R) and his challenger, former SNL comedy writer Al Franken (D).  Probably all of us know how Senator Coleman has been ahead in the count by some 700 votes, and we know how these votes keep getting chipped away at.  We probably all know that the MN Sec of State is “one of those” (read – ACORN).  But you likely haven’t heard it all yet. 

Please read the following story from FoxNews.com.  Really, PLEASE read it.  It shows just how badly the recount is being handled.  Included in the story are pictures of ballots that show a clear vote for Coleman, and the board has given the votes to Franken.  You have to see it to believe it.  Also included is photographic evidence of rules being changed to suit Franken, but rules being completely ignored if they would help Coleman.

The presidential race is over, and the next set of races are still far off.  But this is a race that is happening right now, and it is important.  Franken is a potty mouthed, extreme leftist and would harm not only the interests of MN and the country, but bring great discredit on the US Senate (I know; it’s hard to discredit the Senate any worse than it already has been).  Coleman is a key vote to protect our ability to filibuster, because we can’t count on every republican to vote against cloture.  But more importantly, as the photographic evidence clearly shows, this is another attempt by the democrats to steal an election that a republican has led in every recount.  The democrats believe they can win any election if the keep getting recounts until they find one to agree with (WA Sen, Bush/Gore, etc).

Are we going to let this happen?

I suggest the following plan.

  1. E-mail the Fox News story to anyone you know.
  2. E-Mail the story to your elected officials.  Ask them what they are doing to stop this injustice.
  3. Write your local newspaper about this issue.
  4. Write to Sen Coleman.  Ask his office what can be done to help.
  5. E-Mail the MN Governor’s office.  Ask the governor if the state of MN should be more in line with MN values or if they plan on devolving into the IL way of doing things (read – corruption).

Perhaps the RS leadership can put together a better action plan.  This is a fight we must win, and not one we can afford to ignore.