The Tide Has Turned More Than You Think

Some time ago I was a pretty active member at RedState. Perhaps my journey down the path of apathy began when I saw some of the spending that my own party was engaged in, or some of the corruption, or the failure to stand up and fight for the reasons that we are engaged in a war against terror in Iraq. Any of those planted the seeds, but the real killer was at RedState.

I wrote a diary (during the bitter primary battles) where I commented that I just could not support a candidate from any party who was pro-choice. By this, I meant Rudy. Seeing the inter-party fighting that was common at the time, I asked if anyone was seriously going to ask those of us pro-lifers to leave the party because some of us could not vote pro-abortion. I was shocked at the answer. Someone wrote a diary doing just that. Worse, several members (and even a few editors) seemed to support that view. That was the day I figured my party (and my favorite website) had left me. That was the day that I (and perhaps many others in the party nationwide) became less than enthused about politics. For a time, many republicans stopped caring as they saw their party getting torn to shreds. (Those who remained did the right thing. Rudy didn’t make it to the head of the party where the pro-life voters would have been lost for good).

Enter Sarah Palin. (Read on…)
Sarah Palin brought me back to the party. She hates spending as much as McCain, is reformed minded (even against her own party in her own state), is proudly pro-life, and in short, is everything my party seemed to have turned away from in the last several years. In fact, she has more executive experience that the democrats presidential candidate, and (as governor) has had much more budget handling experience.

Apparently, the tide has turned in more ways than one. According to http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/6c2f69ce-8031-11dd-99a9-000077b07658.htmlfrom Gallup, even congress is back in play! And even the democrats in congress know it (according to http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/6c2f69ce-8031-11dd-99a9-000077b07658.html).

I’ve never been a fan of McCain the politician. While I admire his sense of devotion to honor, he sometimes doesn’t follow the conservative line (immigration, domestic drilling, tax cuts, defining tough interrogations as torture). But he is an honest man, and honorable. He opposes abortion and wasteful spending. And I think he would fight like heck to defend this country. Palin is everything McCain is, plus she is conservative on the issues he isn’t.

The more I’ve seen Palin attacked, and the more ridiculous the attacks have been, the more I have become angered at the left. Even my father-in-law (active in Indiana party politics as a dem for years and a staunch Hillary supporter) is going to sit this one out. This man (who sadly calls Bush “Hitler”) has even had enough. The drubbing Hillary took from his own party was too much for him. But the hit these leftists are trying to put on Palin is more that I can stomach.

So what has the left done lately? Their attacks on Hillary have turned away my wife’s father (a democrat), and their misogonystic attacks on Sarah have energized me back into the fold.

Yes, the tide is turning. I imagine my journey back from apathy isn’t too far from what other republicans have faced over the last year or so. And these republican and independent votes add up.