What Indiana???

Another election over and another tough year for Republicans. Indiana one of the most reliable Republican states in the past has just given its 11 electoral votes to Obama, but why and how?

I have been coming to this site now for years and after every election I see the exact same entries, but no one seems to understand. Indiana itself is not a Republican state it is more of an Independent state with a conservative lean. The congressional deligation is controlled by Democrats, the one Republican Senate is a moderate, and history of progressive roots. But, for the past few years Republicans haven’t been paying any attention. They think they can just coast on by and win, and when they do try many times they do so by creating tention with the moderate element of their party. For years Republican State Senators have been beaten in their primaries because they were not conservative enough, now people here are saying that is the problem with the party and moderates need to be banished.Republicans have lost all good will with the independents of the nation and for good reason. The McCain campaign didn’t make it about themselves but about Obama, and got destroyed for it. He picked an inexperienced VP that created blunder after blunder, but conservatives love her because what she talks like them? Here in Indiana, Palin is seen more as a joke than anything else with the independents and many conservatives. The one thing Indiana is proud of though is now hopefully they will stop talking about a former VP that is not to be named that came from this state.

Even today where it looks like Republicans may keep the OR and MN Senate seats I feel ashamed that in Palin’s home state they seemed to elect to keep a convicted felon and another very corrupt one. Republicans even here voiced their disapproval of them, but obviously their is a disconnect here.

So in the end Democrats will probably have 56-57 Senate seats, which is plenty considering the ones that were saved where the more moderate ones who btw some people here what to kick out. My question to everyone here is what have you learned from these last 2 elections? If your answer is that we are not conservative enough then sorry you might as well just give up on 2010 because there is 2 Senate seats that could easily fall to the Dems then. If in the end you believe McCain didn’t attack enough then you again have it wrong, and if in the end you still believe the illegal immigration issue didn’t kill your party then I feel sorry for you.

Tommorow is another day and Republicans will eventually regain control of the US Senate, but if you give up on the NE, Midwest, and West Coast then you probably will never see it again. Republicans now have a total of 0 congressional seats in NE. If you can’t win Indiana then what will you do in the future?