MN CD-6 Candidate First Look - John Pederson

Question: Obamacare?   John Pederson’s Answer: Repeal it.

Michele Bachmann(R – Minn.) has announced that she is not running for reelection, and because of her high national profile, there is a lot of interest about who will replace her.

Let me introduce you to John Pederson. He is part owner of Amcon Block, a concrete and masonry company in Saint Cloud, MN and has an MBA. He has served on the city council and been involved with other local organizations. He is also the State Senator from MN Senate District 14(previously SD 15). The district as a whole is a swing district, but John won election in the GOP wave year of 2010, and won re-election in the less GOP friendly 2012 election. A charismatic candidate, John displays personal and professional integrity. He is a full-spectrum conservative. His approach and concern right now is on the fiscal side of things, but he is also a social conservative and very supportive of a strong national defense.

I sat down and asked him the kind of questions that I felt the Conservative blogosphere would like to know his answers to.

Q. Why are you running?
A. Spending is too high. I ran for city council because the city needed improvement. I ran for state senate because the State of Minnesota is spending too much. I’m running for Congress because no one can honestly believe that we aren’t going to leave our children and grandchildren with staggering debt. (Note: John’s correspondence both when he was a candidate and as a State Senator has emphasized his dedication to smarter and more efficient government.)

Q. Immigration is a big issue right now. Your thoughts?
A. I prefer to do things incrementally. First step is to seal the border. If that is done, our current system will have a chance to work and then can be improved as necessary. One big problem is that talk of amnesty greatly increases the incentive for people to come here illegally. The U.S. Senate bill has a lot of problems, both by trying to do too much at once and by doing it wrong. One example is the way enforcement would work. Employers will be responsible for a lot of reporting and certifying, placing a much greater burden on them.

Q. I am a Veteran and National Security/Defense is a major concern for me, where do you come down on that?
A. I would like to see the Defense budget increased. A strong military is absolutely necessary in the dangerous, unstable world we live in. Also, defense expenditures have a positive effect on the country as a whole. Military training gives great experience and knowledge that are assets when those men and women enter the work force. Military units training bring economic benefits to the communities they are in. The military budget used to be higher as a percentage of GDP, and is a federal government responsibility clearly listed in the Constitution.

Q. The person leaving this seat is well-known as a very vocal conservative. One of your endorsement opponents is also a very vocal conservative. Since you do not share that reputation, what should conservatives think of your candidacy?
A. On policy I consider myself every bit as much a conservative as them. I have a different approach in the public debate portion. I want to be open and accessible, listening to peoples’ stories and points of view. That doesn’t mean I change my principles, but listening to others can build common ground on areas where it can be found, and if nothing else, helps you to understand how the debate is framed and what questions need to be answered.

Q. Obamacare?
A. Repeal it.

Q. President Obama is suspending parts of the law as he sees fit, what do you think about that?
A. First of all, it shows that even the President realizes that the “Affordable Care Act” is a mess and unworkable. Secondly, it is troubling that he feels he can implement or not implement laws unilaterally. It shows, for lack of a better word, an arrogance in his thinking and approach to his office.


I have not fully committed to a candidate in this race yet because there might still be other entries and I don’t want to get boxed in. However, of the candidates currently in the race, John is the best and I would be proud to have John as my representative in the U.S. Congress.

Check out John’s website and consider helping him out a little bit financially if he is the kind of candidate you would like to see in Congress. – http://www.pedersonforcongress.com

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