Pete Hegseth for Senate(MN)

The Minnesota State GOP Convention is on May 18th-19th and Pete Hegseth needs your help.

Due to the interesting political landscape in Minnesota, the primary is more of an afterthought than a deciding factor.  In Saint Cloud at the convention, the delegates will vote to endorse one of the Senate candidates.  The votes are taken and retaken as necessary until one candidate receives 60% of the delegate votes.  By tradition and pledges, those who fail to get endorsed will almost certainly drop out of the race and there will be only one candidate “competing” for votes in the primary.

Pete Hegseth
Captain, Army National Guard.
Previous Executive Director, Vets for Freedom.


Pete Hegseth is a man of honor and experience.  Despite being fairly young(31), he has more life experience than most people earn in a lifetime.  He served three tours in the GWOT; at Gitmo, in Iraq, and in Afghanistan.  He received 2 Bronze Stars and an Army Commendation medal.  He has lived in amazingly uncomfortable situations, spent years away from his family, been shot at, and made life or death decisions for those under his command. He served as executive director of Vets for Freedom, an organization that helped elect 6 veterans to Congress in 2010.

Only about 20% of the members of Congress are veterans, and of those, many have little or no command or combat experience.  Although people are prone to forgetting and the administration is trying to memory-hole it, we are STILL in a shooting war in Afghanistan, with American Soldiers dying at higher rates than previously.  Our President is less interested in talking about the men and women under his command dying each day than he is talking about his “gutsy call” (i.e. after thorough CYA measures were in place, and his golf game was wrapped up, saying “go” to a no brainer mission).  Throughout the world there are still people intent on killing us and destroying our way of life.  The threats against us come not just from radical Islam, but from other sources as well.  If for no other reason, we need Pete Hegseth as an experienced Soldier with a passion for his country serving in the United States Senate.

Pete is also a stong, instinctual, life-long conservative.  At Princeton he wrote for the Conservative paper and made his liberal fellow students uncomfortable with his unapologetic defense of conservative ideals.  He opposes Obamacare, cap and trade, and job killing taxes and regulations.  He believes strongly in the sanctity of life.  He understands that the government spends too much and intrudes into our lives too much.  His desire is not to pass “new” laws to fix everything, but to reduce the impact of government on citizens and business.  As the wildly successful executive director of Vets for Freedom, he had a profound impact on the national debate and his organization may have been the one thing that tipped the scales to keep congress from defunding our troops in 2007-2008.

His military service has given him the personal courage to stand up for what he believes.  We will never have to worry about Pete being intimidated or bowing to others for a need to feel accepted.  He is also pragmatic, explaining at a recent meet and greet that he understands we can’t get all that we want immediately, but that everything we do needs to move the ball in our direction, not just less the other way.

Pete Hegseth is a national figure with national fundraising ability, and is the only one who has the resources to make the Senate race competitive in MN.  His opponents fall short.  Dan Severson is a good man and popular in political circles, but does not have the charisma or resources.  Kurt Bills is a Ron Paul devotee that will not commit to standing up for Israel and apparently is in line with Ron Paul’s weak America strategy.  Kurt Bills only solutions to the problems facing our nation seems to be the gold standard and eliminating the Fed.  Smart people can argue the merits of those positions, but they are not by any means the silver bullets that the Ron Paul camp treats them as.

Please help!

Pete Hegseth for Senate Campaign Website

Pete needs your help.  He needs donations and volunteers to reach the delegates to the convention.  Kurt Bills is riding the Ron Paul organization in MN.  They have already stacked the delegates in most of the conventions, and the state convention will be a tough fight.  Bills most likely has about 40% of the delegates locked in due to this organization, so it is important that Pete reach every member of the other 60% to plead his case.   If you are a delegate to the convention, please vote for Pete.  If you are an alternate, show up regardless because you most likely will get seated and can vote for Pete.  If you are in MN, contact the campaign and volunteer your time.  Wherever you are, consider giving this conservative warrior(in every sense) a donation.

Now that the Presidential Primary drama is over, we need to focus on getting the best conservative candidates we can for Senate, House, and state legislature offices.  In the MN Senate race, I believe Pete Hegseth is that candidate.


Disclaimer:  I am a very strong supporter of Pete Hegseth due to my past experience with him as an Iraq War veteran and member of Vets for Freedom.  I am not officially connected to the campaign, but have volunteered to assist in any capacity.