In New York 23, some unexpected backers: Part 3 Fred Thompson

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Some might wonder why I use the term unexpected to refer to Fred Thompson’s support of Doug Hoffman for Congress.  In hindsight, it seems perfectly natural.

Let’s look a little closer though.  NY-23 was originally a small time special election.  The result would not have affected the balance of power in the House regardless of who won.  It is unexpected that anyone at the national level would really get involved.

Fred Thompson found out about the specifics of the race from his wife Jeri.  When he discovered just how liberal Dede Scozzafava was, and what a contrast Doug Hoffman was to the politics-as-usual crowd, he got involved.  First he talked about it on his radio show.  Later he made a formal endorsement, traveled to the district and made TV appearances on Doug’s behalf on Sean Hannity’s show and elsewhere.

Who is Fred Thompson?  Most politically minded people know that he was once a Senator from Tennessee. Most of them also know he was a candidate for the Republican nomination for President last year.  His primary campaign theme was "Common-Sense Conservatism", a theme that found its way into Doug Hoffman’s stump speech.  A theme that interestingly enough was the focus of the RNC’s Trevor Francis on a bloggers call after the polls had closed but before we knew the outcome in NY-23.

Fred Thompson is a conservative.  His views and his persona are exactly what conservatism should look like.  He is driven by a simple set of principles which he uses to make his decisions.  Limited government, fiscal restraint, strong national defense and traditional values are part of the common-sense conservatism which Senator Thompson ran for president on and espouses today.  Through his radio show and FredPAC, he is daily influencing the debate in Washington, helping conservative candidates with funds and support, and being a voice for conservatism with the American people.

If Fred Thompson had never taken up Doug Hoffman’s cause, we would likely never have heard of Doug.  The conservatives in NY-23 would still not have voted for Dede Scozzafava, and Bill Owens would still have won the election. However, the NRCC would still think that meddling in local party politics is acceptable.  The NRCC, NRSC and RNC would not have learned a lesson about how powerful the conservative movement is following the summer of the TEA parties.  We don’t have to worry about that, because Fred Thompson was there.  He took up the cause and rallied hundreds of thousands of conservatives around the country to get involved through donations, volunteering and prayers.

If you are interested in conservatism, and in this country returning to the values and policies that made it great, I recommend that you give money to FredPAC, listen to Fred Thompson’s radio show, and pay close attention to what this conservative giant says and does.  It is unlikely that Fred will run for President again, and that is unfortunate, but it doesn’t stop him from being one of the most influential people on the political landscape today.

FredPAC website can be found here – FRED!!

Coming next: Part 4 – About the other political figure involved whose name occasionally appears with exclamation points.