NY-23 The agony of defeat - not so much

I’ll admit that I have become heavily emotionally invested in the Doug Hoffman race. These last two days I have gone with very little sleep and put a lot of effort in. I saw a lot of things, met people I never thought I’d meet. I was treated as any other member of the press here, and this is something I would never have imagined I’d be a part of.

Conservatives won in NY-23. The goal was to stop a liberal Republican. We did that. The goal was to send a message to the NRCC. We did that. The goal was to show that a conservative could be competitive in a district not considered conservative. We did that.

45% of the vote for a 3rd party candidate who was opposed by the Democrat-Union-Acorn machine and until the last minute opposed by the national Republican apparatus is incredible. Many pundits will dismiss this or try to cast blame at the feet of conservatives, but the number crunchers at the NRCC and RNC and NRSC will be forced to take notice.

With all the emotional investment, as I heard that Doug was about to concede I expected to be crushed by the weight of it. Instead, I found myself smiling through the whole speech. When Doug said that this was just one fight and a fight that was worth fighting, I could barely contain a he** yeah. I sit here, disappointed, but oddly cheerful.

In VA and NJ we dealt resounding blows to the Obama-Pelosi agenda. In NY-23 we lost a fight and improved our strategic position.

Doug Hoffman or another conservative wil run here in a year, and we can win. In a few months, we can put Rubio on the Senate ballot in New York Florida (Thanks to cwilson for catching my typo). We can put Devore on the ballot in California. We can bring this country back from the brink and make it better than ever before. We must not slow, we must not tarry, we must not quit.