In New York 23, some unexpected backers: Part 2 John Rich

John Rich is a giant in the country music industry. He is one half of the country duo, Big & Rich. He was responsible for the country music reality show Gone Country.

John Rich is not a person that anyone would consider a rabid conservative. He recently was all over radio with the song “Shutting Detroit Down”, a populist lament of bailouts to big business while the rank and file workers lost their jobs. An early support of Fred Thompson for President, he was a supporter of John McCain once McCain won the nomination. He even released a song online, “Raisin’ McCain” in support of the presidential bid.  He also performed at the 2008 Republican Convention.

John Rich is an incredibly friendly person. His flashy country superstar image belies a down home nice guy. Talking to him at the American Legion in Watertown, it felt like he was just one of the many guys in the building. Although there were lots of people looking to shake his hand or get his autograph, he didn’t rush anyone.

John Rich is a good guy who supports Republicans, including a moderate Republican such as John McCain.  It makes it that much more interesting when he takes time out of his schedule to support a third party candidate, including performing for free for several hundred Hoffman supporters in Watertown, NY.

There is no end to celebrity supporters of Democrats and liberals.  The difference is the refreshing humility of John Rich.  Unlike most of his leftist supporting counterparts, you never get the impression that he thinks he is better or smarter than you.  There is a genuine sense that he feels himself to be just one man with a heartfelt opinion, a love of his country, and a desire to see conservative priniciples make us great again.


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