In New York 23, some unexpected backers: Part 1 CPT Scott O'Grady

Okay, so maybe unexpected isn’t the best word, but certainly not people who come to mind when you think of politics, especially not the type of politics that the old stream media suggests is going on in NY-23.

CPT Scott O’Grady is a former Air Force pilot. His F16 was shot down over Bosnia in a story that spawned two books, a history channel documentary. The movie Behind Enemy Lines was loosely based on his experience.

CPT O’Grady is in many ways an average American. He is a war hero, to be sure, but in all other ways he is just a guy like us. He spoke at length with me about Doug Hoffman and NY-23. He tells about how the country he loves so much has gone so far afield. He laments the incremental loss of freedoms. With his quiet tone he talks about the founders and the brilliance of a country where average people can put down their business for a time and go to represent us in D.C. The problem according to CPT O’Grady is that the professional politicians, the ruling class, has taken over in Washington and the average person has a hard time getting to D.C. and is no longer represented. In his understated way, he makes the case that Doug Hoffman represents the “true sentiment of the American people.”

One wonders if the current crop of Veterans will rise to the occasion and be part of the effort that brings real representation back to our country. Our volunteer force has been tested in the trials of fire, and now they come back with a passion for the country they have sacrificed for. The now infamous memo from the Department of Homeland Security suggests that returning veterans may be a threat. I submit that DHS is wrong about the nature of the threat. It is a political threat that they pose.

Men and women who have faced the fire of enemies, whether IED’s destroying friends in the next HMMVW, mortars landing on their base while they seek to sleep, direct small arms fire in towers or on patrols or anti-aircraft fire filling the sky, have little to fear from the words of politicians. These men and women are standing up, in big ways and small, and they will not back down from the country the love enough to die for – and to live for.

CPT Scott O’Grady fought for his country in the skies(and on the ground) in Bosnia. Now he does battle in the field of ideas. God bless him and all those who serve.

P.S. If you have an election today – GET OUT AND VOTE.