Boots on Ground in NY-23 : Part 2[Update - Hoffman Concedes]

The campaign is cautiously optimistic.  Anecdotal reports from all over are looking very good, but the campaign is not satisfied with the turnout numbers so far.  They can’t emphasize enough how much they need to get Hoffman voters out to the polls.

The biggest difficulty at this point is that there is only so much to be done to get those people out.  The district has been so deluged with robo-calls, etcetra that people are tired of getting phone calls.  That said, anything that we can do to get more people out, it is vital to get the job done.

I walked all ovr Watertown, NY this morning.  It is considered one of the battleground areas of the state.  Interestingly enough, out of the 30 or so people I talked to at random today, I did not find a single Owens supporter.  Most were for Hoffman, several were unsure or did not plan to vote.  Believe it or not, two of the people I spoke to today had no idea what I was talking about – amazing considering that every other tv or radio commercial is for the race and every street corner has a Hoffman or Owens sign. 

GET OUT AND VOTE – AND THEN GET SOME OTHERS OUT TO VOTE – Let’s bring these races over the finish line.


[Update] Sandy Caligiore, communications director for Hoffman campaign just went on the record with me.  Quote:  We win.


I will update results as we get them, here is link for results from media –

[Update 2] Blogger call in a few minutes

[Update 3] The results don’t look good so far, but no one here can get good information on the specifics of where the votes are from.

[Update 4] Doug Hoffman conceded.

I am dissapointed in the results, but I simply can’t be despondent. A conservative 3rd party candidate running against the establishment recieved 45% of the vote in a 3 way race. Although Doug Hoffman didn’t win the election, we still won.