Hoffman and the final push

Unless you’ve been in a political coma, you know about the three way race in NY-23 between Owens(D), Scozzafava(R?) and Hoffman(Conservative Party).  The election takes place on November 3rd, 9 days from now.  You probably know by now that the endorsements break down as follows –


  • President Obama
  • DNC


  • NRCC
  • RNC
  • Newt Gingrich
  • DailyKOS
  • Margaret Sanger Award


Looking at those lists, which candidate do you feel more comfortable with?  This race has become the testing ground.  How effective and influential are we as conservatives?  I challenge everyone reading this to give $50 to Doug Hoffman’s campaign today, then post below to encourage others about what you are doing.  If you can give more or can only give less, go for it.


If you can find the money but choose not to give, don’t complain in the future when the National Republican Apparatus continues to ignore our wishes and the winning path of conservatism.  Everyone already knows that Scozzafava can NOT win this race, it is just not possible.  She is a horrible candidate and does not have the support of her base.  The NRCC is only still supporting her because it refuses to admit its mistake.  Hoffman can win, and his winning will echo throughout the corridors of power, both within our party and without.