Saint Cloud MN, Proud Tea Party Location [Videos Fixed]

If you have never heard of Saint Cloud, Minnesota, don’t feel bad. Based on the 2000 Census, this town has 59,107 people, and is located in the middle of the northern most state in the center of the United States. Per Capita income in 2000 was $19,769 as opposed to a nationwide number of $21,587.

We are a mostly working class town strongly steeped in the idea of Minnesota nice. For those who have never visited our state, that means we are quiet and don’t like to rock the boat or offend anyone. Minnesotans by and large are not overly social creatures, and we tend to keep our opinions to ourselves.

April 15, 2009. In the middle of the work day, 450 people (some credible reports put it as high as 600 people) found the time on their lunch hour or time off to attend the Tax Day Tea Party. It was an exciting event, with people well-behaved and respectful of each other, even as they made sure that the powers that be knew how they felt about the shape our country is in.

At the entrance to the area where the group was meeting was a sign that set the tone. In red, white and blue it said – “St. Cloud is Taxed Enough Already! God Bless America”.

April 15 2009 Saint Cloud Tea Party 040

Therein lies the clear difference between the Tea Parties and the typical leftist protest. We came not to denigrate our nation, but to demand that our leaders restore and preserve its greatness. Many homemade signs were in view, most decry the tax and spending and the failure of Congress to actually read the “stimulus” bill before they made it law. Note the American flag held proudly.

April 15 2009 Saint Cloud Tea Party 050

April 15 2009 Saint Cloud Tea Party 061

And again, despite being at a protest against the government of these United States, the pledge of allegiance was said, at the urging of the crowd.

April 15 2009 Saint Cloud Tea Party 062

One the main organizers of the event, Kathleen Virnig, was kind enough to talk to the camera to send a message to those of you who agree with the sentiment of these parties, and to urge you to take the next steps…

Lastly, someone I am proud to consider a new friend, a local radio personality and an all-around very smart guy, Dan “The Ox” Ochsner with a message of encouragement and perseverance-

Please support The Ox, 1450knsi.com and all the others who toil away daily in the attempt to keep this country headed towards more liberty and more prosperity. Also, do not forget, as The OX says, we are not only right, we are correct.