We are still at war

A few weeks ago I was getting my haircut.  As I was on my way to do PT(physical training) with some of my junior enlisted folks, I was in my Army PT uniform.  The discussion came around to military things and my upcoming return to Iraq.  The young(low twenties) lady cutting my hair said “Isn’t the new president going to end the wars?”

I had to look at her, because I couldn’t imagine that she was serious.  It seems many of the American people have forgotten about the TWO wars we are still fighting.  A disengaged public was convinced by the MSM that the wars were all President Bush’s fault.  Now they naively believe that the exit of Bush is the end to the conflicts.  Most of us know better, but it is important for us to keep it in mind, and to remind our fellow countrymen of what is truly happening in the world.

Even more, when Iraq does come to a close(we’ve won and it is just a matter of finishing the clean up), and Afghanistan ends(if President Obama doesn’t manage to screw it up), understand that for many the war never ends.  Hundreds of thousands of veterans will still be fighting these wars every night in their dreams and every day in moments of reflection.  Several of my family members work at the VA hospital here in town, and the old Korean and Vietnam war vets still struggle with what happened decades ago.  Pray for the veterans.  More than that, understand and honor the sacrifice they have made for YOU.

Let me leave with a video I found today.  It is not my kind of music, but the lyrics and the sentiment could have been pulled directly out of my head in those quiet moments of thought.  It is one of the most powerful videos I have ever watched:

If I were King – Queensryche