I am (G.I.) Joe - Part 2

In my opinion, the American people chose wrong yesterday. Even more to the point, the American people chose the man who disrespects my service and my sacrifices.

I feel hurt, and somewhat depressed, not so much because of all the negatives that are to come for our country, but because I truly feel that the people of this country broke faith with the men and women of the armed services by electing Barack Obama to the Presidency.

That said – if you read my previous post, I do not fight for the President, nor for the electorate, nor for a political party or a prevailing mood in the country. I do not require gratefulness or compensation to do what I do.

I fight for the Flag – which still waves.

I fight for the Constitution – though bruised and battered it still stands as the supreme law of our land.

I fight for the ideals of freedom, liberty and justice – Which are still to be found in more abundance in the United States of America than anywhere else in the world or in human history.

I defend the rights of the American people, and I will fight no less because they misuse or disuse those rights.

God bless America. There is much wrong here, most of the Republican party elected officials and nearly all of the Democrat party elected officials don’t deserve the positions they hold. We can fix that. We must fix that.

When Iraq looked darkest, the soldiers of the United States Army woke up each morning and did their jobs. They did not despair, because the mission must be completed. Because we did not faint from our duty, the people of Iraq have a greater chance of living free than they have had for the last 30+ years.

There is a lesson in this. When you give up, you lose. As long as you are in the fight, and particularly when truth and justice are on your side, victory is an option. As conservatives and as patriots, it is now more important than ever that we answer our country’s call. How many Democrat seats were unchallenged in this election? How many conservatives failed to participate in both the GOTV and voting itself? What have we all done to educate voters about the realities of government?

Many here treat politics the same way that video games treat soldiering: A ten minute glory run. In realit it takes 9 weeks of 7 day a week, 24 hour a day, grueling training to make your average civilian into Army material. That’s 9 weeks of boring, hard work. Then months of additional training to teach them their jobs. Then the tedium and hard work truly begin. Are you willing to fight for what you believe in, or are you content to try playing “political call of duty” every 2 or 4 years?