I am (G.I.) Joe

On behalf of myself, and hundreds of thousands of soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen, let me say this simply –

If the people of the United States of America elect Barack Obama to the Presidency, they have broken faith with us.

When our beloved country called, we stood up. These last few years it has not been easy. Seeing our brothers fall, witnessing firsthand the terror of combat and the horror of war, we have continued to stand. Most of us will never be whole again. Many returned missing arms or legs. Nearly all of us returned missing part of our humanity. We have sacrificed marriages, money, comfort and maybe even a little sanity. No matter how daunting the day, whether 120 degrees in the deserts of Iraq, or freezing cold in the mountains of Afghanistan, rain or shine, we stood up. Our youth, our innocence, and so much more laid on the altar of freedom.

I have no regrets. Regardless of the pain, the emotional turmoil, the things I missed and the difficulties I have yet to experience, I am proud of what I have done. For the Flag, for the Constitution, for the desperate peoples of a war torn nation, for 9-11, for the greater good of freedom throughout the world – these are the thoughts for which I fought, and for which I fight.

What to you is worth fighting for? What is worth a little discomfort in your life? While young men and women bleed and die half a world away, how dare you whine about a temporary setback in your 401k? While 19 year olds face the klaxons and explosions in the night, how dare you to pick a Commander-in-Chief for them based on carbon credits.

If you love this country, and if you respect the men and women that defend it then vote today for John McCain. Then call, email and otherwise convince everyone else you know to do it as well. More than any other election in history, honor depends on the outcome.