Stealth Grand Slam?

Driving to work and home today has convinced me that John McCain’s speech wasn’t a base hit, it was a grand slam home run. I was listening to the radio, but that isn’t what convinced me that John McCain filled the world with awesome. It wasn’t pondering the speech or talking on the phone, or any of the other usual indicators that might tell me how well he did.

It was something else entirely. Most of you know I an Army Reserve soldier. Most of you know I served a year in Iraq. What most of you don’t know is that I live in blue-purple Minnesota. What none of you could possibly know is that I drive 70 miles to work and 70 miles home each day, and have a U.S. Army sticker on my truck.

Why is that significant? About once a day on average I receive a gesture of support from someone that passes me and sees my Army sticker(most people pass me because I am compulsive about sticking to the speed limit.) Today, on the way to work and on the way home one third to half of all the people that passed me(seriously that many), gave me a “thumbs up”, or mouthed “good job”, “way to go” or “thank you”. Moms, dads, kids, young ladies(don’t tell my wife) and young men; all ages and genders and types were doing it.

I pondered this for much of the day, and it finally occured to me why today was different from yesterday and the days preceding it. Last night John McCain made people proud to be Americans, and reminded them of the sacrifices made in service of this country.

If John McCain has awakened the heart pounding patriotism that hasn’t been widespread since the days of “Morning in America”, then this one is in the bag. I’m not trying to say that nothing can change or that much more work isn’t ahead of us, but this is the most encouraging sign I’ve seen. Final caveat – it is indeed anecdotal, but the difference was so dramatic that I can’t ignore it.

Lastly, in case you missed it: This Fredhead is now “all-in” for McCain-Palin. More on that to come.