From the American Carol Premiere

Veterans for Freedom members were invited to the premiere, so my wife and I headed down to Minneapolis to see it. Let me keep it simple – if you like parody movies and/or love America, you will love this movie.

I found myself with tears in my eyes repeatedly. Half of the time it was because I was laughing that hard. The other half it was tears of pride in this great nation.

I noticed throughout the movie that they clearly had the help of real Service Members, because unlike most Hollywood movies, there weren’t all those annoying little details that let you know these guys didn’t really know how to wear the uniform or salute. In the Afghanistan scene, I felt for a moment I was back overseas, and when the explosions went off, I had a rough moment, but I felt pride watching the very real depiction of American soldiers running TOWARDS the explosions while the Michael Moore character ran the other way.

There is also a serious scene with George Washington in St. Paul’s cathedral, followed by a poignant reminder of 9/11 and the realities of terrorism. The movie is funny and still sober; it is very patriotic, without being preachy. It has some of the trademark Zucker stunts – like accidently knocking the whole family of sick kids off a pier – but that doesn’t define the movie like you would expect. The one drawback is that it really isn’t a kid friendly movie, due to language and a few crude gestures.

I STRONGLY recommend that you find your way into the theater on October 3rd to watch this movie. Not only is it an enjoyable film, but if it has box office success, it will be a kick in the pants to liberal Hollywood.