Executive Order 13526- HRC was the "Original Classification Authority" for Foggy Bottom

Per BO’s executive orders,  Her ThighNess, Hillary Rodham Clinton, was one of the few people in government who was tasked with declaring a document Secret or Top Secret. It’s not about her “being a conduit” for documents that didn’t have the right markings. She was supposed to be the Classification Authority for Foggy Bottom.

She was the responsible party who was tasked with being the top dog and telling others what was supposed to stay under wraps. BO’s executive orders are on the White House Web site. SoS is a Classification Authority

Was it Huma’s or Cheryl’s job to “tell” the SoS what was classified? How dense can the Legacy Media be to try to exempt HRC on such a flimsy excuse. Doesn’t that sound like incompetence as SoS?

As I have said before, if she was doing her job most of her emails would be classified. Apparently she was actually watching a looping kitten video when Bengazi was happening as there are no classified documents for a three week period around the murder of 4 Americians.

HRC had a fork in her aspirations a week ago. How do conservatives (-Bush-Rubio-Kasich-Christy) nominate someone to beat her replacement???


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