The 17 shades of Grey

UUsed the debate score card from FoxNews last night and was more surprised about the bottom of my heap than the top. The calculated, focus tested,  fog that some spewed out was offending to my ears. When John Kasich’s lips moved, I needed a fog horn.

When the Governor of Ohio spoke, it rang in my ears as a focus tested statement trying to hide a Squish. Trying to appeal to real conservatives who’s faith is their defining personal feature.

Never once did the,  “God gave me grace…” statement have the ring of sincerity and coming from a closely held conviction. I saw a focus group and a consultant head nod behind each statement as he struggled to get the last phrase in each catch-phrase before he was cut off.

I’ve been trained in listening for these with negative reinforcement from the consequences of believing these kind of words at face value. Remember George The First had his special “Christian” Video?  The Second had an actual faith collision that seemed genuine but still left us with Squish policies.

Bush The Third has the same fog machine on but he seems like his dad is running the swich. He doesn’t even own his own fog machine. “Can’t I do something.. better?” Kennebunkport is calling.

Rubio has had wealthy men make him promises and is in the process of deciding who he will believe, who he will be.  There were both rays of light and the befuddling fog.

I was pleased to see the personal convections flow through those at the top of myscorecard like a ray from a lighthouse. They will wither the Grey Fog these three are pumping out rather quickly.

The thickest Grey Fog comes from off the stage. Bill Clinton encouraging The Donald? A Billionaire running and handing over an election to an unqualified, also ran, who has more scandals than can be counted?

I wonder how much the family who, “Came out of the White House with nothing”, paid the last Billionaire to sway (steal) an election? What are the promises made to this one?

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