We balance the budget by helping Dad get a job

With both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan on the Sunday news shows last week, I was hoping for some powerful pushback to the  ¤’bama (ALT 0164= blackhole thrown in the O) talking points on taxes, employment and health care. The “fact checkers” are used to hammer Team R at every chance while he “who wishes to fulfill the vision of Jimmy Carter’s second term” avoids the press and gets a free ride. I’m still trying to figure how a man that has made over 200 Million dollars is incapable of defending capitalism vs. a government centric economy in an interview.

Can I offer an analogy for Mitt (not that he or his staff land at RS) to use?

Lets start with a family with Mom and Dad working to raise little ones. Dad looses his job. How will the family respond?  Well, If they use the Barack approach, they move from the affordable ranch home to the gated community. It’s somehow wise to double their outflow on the new reduced income levels. They’ve got good credit and a bunch of kids so they apply for 3 times the credit that they have ever spent before. They trade the “clunkers” to buy a Cadillac and a Volt on payments and use their kids signatures on the financing documents, heck even better, buy everyone in the “special” neighborhood one of the Volts and sign the kids names to those also. They have all that new credit line, lets max out those cards and buy a couple companies. Since the kids are paying who needs to keep track of whether it’s spent on bankrupt ones or not?

The mantra all week has been tax details, details, details. How many details do you need to see that the kids are getting reamed? ¤’bama’s puppet-masters handed out the, “without details how can we believe those nasty, rich, heartless Republicans WON’T raise taxes?” talking-points.

Please, please, please practice with me…

The current administration believes the people that make America special are gone. They have adapted a “personable” version of the “malaise theme” of Jimmy Carter (BTW: How is JC’s endorsement at the DNC, interspersed with 1970’s Malaise speech, gas lines, and burned out helicopters clips, not playing in “AGAIN?” advertisements, nonstop?). The Dems plan is for us to learn to live with the smaller pie we have now.

Is that what the family would do? Never! Dad is trying everything to get a job. Team R has to make it evident they can help him get a job, get rid of the mansion, cut up the credit cards and short-out the Volt line.

As a nation, should we plan on balancing the budget by accepting the national condemnation of our leaders or by looking for new leaders that want to help dig us out of this mess? For the Dems arithmetic to work, they have to be planning on these unemployment numbers to hold.

… Forever…

No one has had such a pessimistic view of the future of America since Jimmy Carter. Barack has proven in many ways that his view of America won’t lead us out of this mess. He doesn’t even think it’s possible to change the landscape. Sounds like the ghost of JC’s ideas coming back to haunt us.

There should be no one up to 30 year old that isn’t confronted with the $50,000+ of national debt that has their name on it when the pull the ¤’bama lever and the kind of job they need to even make a dent in that number.

Now a depressing note: the most effective advertisement against Team R right now is the Massachusetts small business woman who said she was for Romney and he lied to her when Taxachusetts ended up 47th in jobs growth at the end of his term. This has to be countered now. I’m the worst to make any suggestions on this topic as it was one of my major reasons for not supporting Mitt in the primaries.

It seems Team R is not protecting the ground it has gained. To say it another way, they are losing more voters out the leaks in the bottom of their bucket than they are creating with the approach they using now.

I’m praying for a change in the winds….