Eric, Will you give a red letter to the poster with the best Etch-A-Sketch advert?

My profile says I laugh at the wrong things, so this probably qualifies.

I want to see the best E-A-S advert idea. Here’s mine. Before the Mitt supporters complain, Do you really believe the Chicago, pro ¤’bama (found a way to put a black-hole in that O) ad agency’s aren’t drooling over themselves for a chance at this?

100 voices: ‘Mitt said what!?’

Mitt Romney face, ‘Abortion bad quote’

100 voices: Disappointed ‘Ohhhhh’

(screen shakes with E-A-S flashes), Romney face on E-A-S changes from mad to glad

Mitt quote, ‘Abortion good’,

100 voices, excited, “Ohhhhh”

Shot of the 100 people all holding their E-O-S, ’When we don’t like what Mitt Romney says, we just use our Etch-A-Sketch’ and they all start flopping all over the screen.

The ‘all flipping-and-flopping all the time’ network brought you this ad


Series on all the topics with the ending always on the liberal position to soften support with conservatives.

¤’ will have so much fun it will all seem like a game. Mr Sketchy to the rescue!

Take your best shot, I’ll laugh with you!