Does buying an election mean Newt and Mitt have been bought? or, The Dark Wizard and Dark Prince...

So before you accuse me of being a founder member of the Black Helicopter crowd let me say that my dad was AFSOC from the time I was 10. There are black helicopters, but more likely, on a moonless night, an AC-130(u) is headed the way of the bad guys with a C-130 transport to airdrop Seals/SOC airmen/Airborne  and support. The helicopters are sent to pick ’em up. So if I’m a crazy-intern I’m a jaded crazy-intern.

Sheldon Adelson, billionaire, social liberal, union buster. Wow, he’s a fiscal conservative, to boot. Tim Burton (the director who made Santa evil) couldn’t wish for a darker shade of Wizard. Do you think the prostitute-union was brought to it’s knees, after more than 100 ladies-of-the-evening were arrested at the celebration of Mr Adelson’s arrival in his hotel, 2010? How could they wander in, unknown, with 9.11 security measures? Yeowser, who is this guy? What is he willing to do to win?

This point alone may highlight the so-con/fisc-con divide. I would protect my family and keep them from meeting this man.

The hardest part of this is getting your brain around the money. Marketers use 1% as a measure of a ‘doesn’t matter’ purchase, simple easy no one has to check with the significant-other to buy the stuff. For a $50k earner $500 is the number. Mitt Romney net worth is ~250 Million making him a top 1% of the 1% in US income. His number is $2.5 million. Mr Adelson’s 1% is Mitt Romney. Said again, Sheldon Adelson is so rich that his ‘doesn’t matter’ threshold is every penny Mitt Romney has. $20 million to Mr Adelson is a $40 dinner for two at a steak place for someone making $50k.

He has made 20 billion in the last 5 years, 480% growth per year. Enron only had 40% per year growth. He’s done it by building a ‘New’ Las Vegas in the China Sea, on the island of Macau, the lawless Chinese Wild-West. This man bet 1 billion dollars on Chinese gambling, in the face of Chinese crime lords, and wins in spades. Allegations of Chinese syndicate involvement, tax dodging, money laundering, and prostitution. In the old world where you were judged by the people you hung out with, his money would be toxic-waste for a presidential candidate.

I’ve left this post sitting as I tried to evaluate if sharing was a good idea or not. I was encouraged when Scope posted some of this info this morning. At least if I’m driving over the cliff in a party bus! Carefully consider if you want your name associated with this post! A ‘recommend’ could be hazardous to your health and/or wealth.

Mr Adelson, heretofore, uncollected quotes in an interns order of believability:

*‘I don’t listen to anyone that is not a millionaire. I say, ‘How can you be so smart if you aren’t rich?’* (important, read again!)

‘It’s legal to influence an election and so I do. Anyone that complains is just jealous.’

‘I’d spend 10 million; I could spend 100 million on this election.’ (translation $200 in normal money)

‘He’s supporting Newt but would be ok with Mitt winning in the GE’

‘He’s not against Rick (the only current candidate that didn’t come to the Adelson Con-Fab) Santorum’

I don’t meet Mr Adelson’s definition of, ‘worth listing to’. I’m literally an ant he could crush without thinking.  But if I could mind-meld with the planning strategy as ‘Newt’s biggest (over 7 million in the last 10 years) supporter’, with unlimited resources, I would report they were applied  with the same efficiency that made 20 dollars for every one invested in Macau.  Even I, a lowly honorary intern, could elect a president.

I’d start Newt’s super PAC with funds at the beginning so he got to a fast start and as there were successes double down. Keep it on the DL so ‘our guy’ isn’t tarred and feathered with Dark Wizard stuff, set up a 501c(4)(‘corporations are people too’), so contributions are anonymous. It will be good to have the President beholding to your aid, right?

So what happened? The really rich/smart guy chose a very different path. No money in the beginning. No money at Newt’s first peak. As Rick Perry starts to beat Romney, the first public, contribution of 5 million (10$) is made. Great debate performance in SC, second public, 5 million ($10) contribution. So Newts on the way to FL. Big media markets-lots of money needed to fight the anonymous Romney super PAC. Newt overwhelmed 5-1. No more money until Rick Santorum starts to beat Romney and Newt is a 5% candidate, then a, crazy public, 10 million (20$) contribution, that netted a Forbes cover story. As a dumb intern, I’m even more confused than usual. The actions are speaking, I’m struggling for words to describe them.

Do you believe that actions speak louder than words? Mr Adelson is one of the smartest guys. Forbes, end of Feb, shows he made more money than lots of other heavy hitters over the last five years. Why would he do such a lousy job of getting Newt the money when the campaign needed it for such an insignificant (to him) amount?

How does it all start to make sense? Well, what if we believe Mr Adelson’s first,second, forth statement above? What if I muck around the margins and change the definition of ‘his guy’ to Mitt Romney. Now look! Seems every expenditure was made at exactly the right time for Mitt’s benefit.

Newt rising in the fall, no money. Mitt building cash and Newt attack ads until Newt loses support. Perry outrunning Mitt? Give Newt money, publicly, split the conservatives on so-con fault line with the very public contribution. Wait a minute, Governor Perry quit!? There’s no split in the conservative vote so Newt’s winning again. Jerk the chain, no more funds.  FL could have been a stake in Mitt’s campaign with level spending from Mr Adelson. Newt got almost half the counties with the 5-1 spending divide, Newt’s destroyed with no money to answer. Rick Santorum rises to seemingly stop Romney in MI and OH, give Newt extra chain now. We can’t let Rick beat ‘our real guy’, again averting a Romney collapse.

Just exactly who is the candidate of this billionaire? What team is he and those he supports playing for? There is only one that meets Mr Adelson’s fundamental definition of someone ‘worth listening to’, it’s Mitt Romney. A Wizard will have you look one way while ‘the action’ moves another. Where have we all been looking?

Do you know that the operator of Mitt’s super Pac is Carl Forti, ‘Karl Rove’s Karl Rove’? He’s the guy that ran Mr Adelson’s Super Pac after Mitt’s loss in 2008, reportedly for $200 million. This is the Dark Prince of Republican politics, who got the disclosure rules to evaporate. Carl and Sheldon have been working together for years. Sheldon let us all know he was contributing to Newt for a purpose.

Why cut funding to Newt when he’s having the biggest successes? When you don’t spend money says as much as when you do. Are Newt and Mitt innocent bystanders or do they owe Mr Adelson? Is Newt even in control of his own destiny, anymore? Rick Santorum will win the nomination or be neck in neck at Tampa, if Newt quits. Could Newt quit if he wanted to? Has the nomination devolved to a three against one? …As Newt will be required to support the ‘rich’ candidate of Newt’s ‘biggest supporter’ and Ron already seems in Mitt’s back pocket. Is that why we heard all the ‘act of God’ talk last weekend?

What does a candidate owe the Wizard and Prince who made him the nominee absent conservative Republican support, which is 60% of Republicans?  When money is given to the guard dog on a chain, ‘our real guy’ isn’t smeared with so-con disdain. The ultimate Wizard anonymity, give the money to Newt, but in a way that helps Mitt.

Are we the stupid ones to let a man, I would not invite into my home, decide who our candidate should be?

The only candidate that has refused to give tacit approval to this man is Rick Santorum. He did not go to the Adelson Con-Fab in Nevada during the caucuses. I do wonder who the other candidate (useful for character gauge in the future) was that didn’t go. I believe a man that walks away after recognizing a Dark Wizard and a Dark Prince has real vision that I can trust. Actions will speak louder for Newt and Mitt as this process works through.

Sometimes you may never know the reason, but actions do speak louder than words.