Governor Perry, I have the 'temerity' to suggest: Will you change the horse you ride out on?

Temerity-Excessive confidence or boldness; audacity: “no one had the temerity to question his conclusions.”

The first time I heard a living person use the word, The Speaker described the ‘rebellion’ that came from the house leadership and removed him from his position as Speaker. Old words, old ideas from a different age of black and white, right and wrong, an age where the Speaker’s authority was unquestioned.

It was Sean Hannity’s show, the Speaker’s first interview after the dirty deed. It showed me a side of Newt Gingrich that seems incredibly self important. At no time, in that 10 plus year old interview, did Newt considered the ground he had laid bare to allow Dems to take back the House. Giant violation of the ‘don’t c**p in the punchbowl’, maxim. His words seem even more egotistical and hypocritical now as the current revelations of Callista and terms like  ‘open marriage’ are tossed about. There was cause, good cause, and The Speaker’s response was, ‘Temerity’. Somehow he failed to see it wasn’t all about him.

Skip forward to days before the South Carolina primary. Rick Perry (who I dismissed out of hand before understanding there was a conservative, Mitt Stream Media) gave a speech from that old time of honor and responsibility; ‘I understand the mission is more important than the person, the mission of election a conservative to the White House. I terminate my campaign and give my support to Newt Gingrich to carry that mission forward.’

With that honorable endorsement Newt won the only state he has carried, outside his home state of Georgia. I suggest Newt won SC because he had the endorsement of an honorable man, not from his debate performance. That endorsement was burned off in, what can easily be described as, temper-tantrums in FL. Newt is polling neck and neck with Rick today in AL. Even in the South, the power of that endorsement is gone.

Just for giggles imagine with me a 60 second advert that shows Newt being asked a question and the flash of anger that crosses his eyes and face, no words. New question, new flash, and again, and again (there is plenty of raw material). The Angry-Newt face, face, face, flipped on the screen. Cut to the ‘Daisy’ commercial from the 60’s and the announcer asking how we can trust him with…. cut to the thermo-nuclear-explosion-mushroom-cloud???? Super Tuesday exit polling shows Newt with 45% plus negatives. Every day he stays in this race those numbers are getting worse. Does he ever ask why?

Most of the people that spend time here at Redstate believe that replacing o’bama (wish I could make the ‘o’ smaller, as it’s vaporware) is key to restoring the prosperity of our nation. With the issues on the table, Mitt Romney is the worst of all the choices.

The Virginia vote for Ron Paul of over 40% is staggering. So subtract the Pauliacks (ducklings quacking and following their mother) at around 10%. Can it be true that some 30% of Republican voters supported the nut job, who believes nuclear holocaust in the Middle East is an acceptable form of conflict resolution, rather than vote for Romney? I can understand. I would have been tempted with those choices.

So after Super-Tuesday we find ourselves with: Gov Romney’s whack-a-mole, carpet bombing (12 to 1 dollars in Ohio), of only the candidate that rises to challenge him; Adelson’s dog leash support of Newt (to maintain the division of conservative voters), the Mitt stream Media’s continuing drumbeat of his inevitability (we have to make it look like Mitt’s the victor of something).

All this will give us a candidate that has engineered a hostile-take-over of the Republican Party nomination with 35% support. Quite an accomplishment for Mitt, not a winning strategy for US (as in the country we all love). The way a person wins says a lot. The soulless accusations that are being directed at Rick shows me a campaign that is willing to win at any cost. Not someone I want leading the country.

Can I make this point any stronger? Mitt is the worst candidate running with the situations that confront US today:

  • Unemployment beaten back and the economy restored by the man whose ‘soulless vulture capitalism’ made money on the backs of the 1,000’s of peasants. He left the shards of companies that had to be paid for by the government saviors, and enjoys firing people to boot? That is already the MSM narrative, do you believe the ‘occupy’ cretins are gone for good?
  • o’bama-care defeated and liberty restored by the man who 2 years ago, in video on all the networks, supported it? Chris Mathews suggested all o’ needs to say is, ‘thank you for Romney-care’ to win the debate point.

Adelson’s support will shift to Mitt (check the WSJ) but o’ will have liberal loony left, George Soros, and company. The carpet bombing/divide and conquer approach that has worked, so far, for the nomination, can’t work when there is only one well funded opponent. A third of Republicans didn’t vote for Mitt in Virginia. How can he hope to win? The Mitt stream Media ignores the fact that Newt in the race (funded by Adelson, btw, Who is the candidate of the Billionares?) has produced those supposed game changing Mitt ‘wins’.

No amount of Newtonium (a newly discovered substance that blinds normally rational people to the self destructive nature of a national Newt Gingrich campaign) can overcome the fact Newt’s negatives are long established and getting worse. He can’t get the nomination in Tampa without the waiving of a magic wand. Newt and o’ will never be on a stage together. Even if they were, would the MSM or o’ give Newt a ‘softball’ to get ‘the flash’ that helps?  But wait, not a big enough ‘flash’ to melt down Newt’s campaign? When I hear someone say, ‘Newt will win the debate with o’. Oh really?! You’re willing to bet the next 4 years on Newt’s tempered-temper?

The Romney campaign seems to be the political version of a vampire (do you see anything in the mirror?) that no one can stop. Newt could have put a stake through the beast 10 days ago and had the same undying respect that Governor Perry has earned and really restarted his political career. But, Adelson gives Newt 10 million and the egotist sees it as approval to continue on.

Did Newt ever consider the bigger question about ‘The Mission’, to elect a conservative President? Were there just 1 1/2% in Michigan and 1/2% in Ohio voters tilted by Newt’s national media buys?  I’m frustrated and disgusted about how non-mission focused Newt is. It’s getting harder to mention Newt’s name without a catch in the back of my throat that has a bile taste to it.  The conservative punch bowl has a putrid odor coming from it, again.

So, Governor Perry, with temerity, I ask. Is the mission still the most important thing? Because of the sacrifice you’ve made for your fellow warrior, your future in conservative politics is bright. The horse you came in on keeps stumbling in the same gopher holes. It will keep him from winning this race.

There is another scrappy battler who has the possibility to turn purple states red and fights for freedom. The conservative ideas put forth by Rick Santorum will overwhelm the Romney vampire machine and put it out of its misery. Conservatives banded together can stop the o’ train. Will you change the dynamics of this race and give the conservative mission a chance? Will you change the horse you ride out on to Rick Santorum?

Thanks for your time and consideration.