November win at the BYOC club

Friends and (Red)country-folk,

This weekend was great on redstate with the back and forth about social con vs fiscal con, Rick vs Mitt (Newtonians a little quieter). Haven’t yet seen a Paul supporter actually say that they were, out loud. There just seems to be a lot of complaining, in general, about Rick’s rise in the polls. I want a repub to win. I’m a caucus voter in Colorado and don’t want it wasted. Looking at the poll and splits I don’t see how any other candidate puts together a coalition that wins in November other than Rick. These issues and environment (there is some overlap) creates a singular opportunity for one of these gentlemen to win back the White House. Which one? So instead of Bring Your Own Beer its The Bring Your Own Candidate, Club. Try to make a positive case for your guy and contrast the others.

The issues I’m looking at are: TARP (solyndra et al. green loans), Obamacare, O’s engineering the doubling the price of gas, doubling the national debt, the debt bankrupting My Social security benefit 2 years ago, repubs in congress having no clue how to fight the usurping of our constitution, senate not passing a budget in 3 years, O’bama(Rescue Me, it was an Irish election!) outspending McCain by 2-3 times. What others will matter? Trying to build an important list not a exhaustive list.

The environment issues are: longest recovery since the depression, Israel/Iran, Crazy unemployment numbers (peps on so long they drop off ‘looking numbers’, before payments runs out), Vamping MisMedia (as in they miss the point), Catholic bishops getting involved in O-care mandates, Occupy Movement or the 99%. O’ will use the James Carville playbook and try to smear whoever our guy is with all the cash Soros can funnel. Again what will make a difference?

I believe hoping for a brokered convention guarantees repubs loosing; someone else being nominated means no organization or fundraising to come up with 1.2 Billion dollars in 2 months. So, one of these guys wins.

I think the Reagan Coalition is available to be put back together, it’s the only way a repub has won since Tricky Dick was around. We Elephants remember, there won’t be another like him for a while, the old line, fiscal only candidate. The fun part is it really seems like we are running against Jimmy’s angry nephew (his what?!). Same certainty that he’s right the same disdain for those that disagree. I even saw a story about O’ adjusting the timers on the tennis courts, just like Jimmy did the thermostats in the White House. Peas in a pod. Can O’ be beat by the same kind of candidate? I believe so.

The advantage of this coalition is that the MisMedia is foreign to our thinking. The MisMedia sees all of us as flyover country and the rust-belters feel it just like I do in the mountain-west. The uber-educated liberal look down their nose (Andrea Mitchel catching her breath over an asprin!) So the vamping that happens is moderated but we still need someone who can stand toe to toe with them and then talk about the issues that win. What are the issues and how should they be spoken of? This coalition’s Christian thinking will understand Rick and his appeal in a way that these high-n-mighty (think Chris Mathews) MisMedias will be blindsided by. I just see Rick as the best vehicle to accomplish that goal, but with a supercharger of evangelicals and practicing Catholics working together in a more organic way because of O-care. Rick’s financial success in the last years is sufficient but not to much so that he can still talk to a common man about his common problems without the Occupy chants.

Obviously it takes 27o electoral votes to win and I believe Rick makes the rust belt and southwest viable in a way no one else does. Ron Paul is the only way we lose the south. Here is a map/calculator that gives some history and a way to click and change the states. http://www.270towin.com/

So here is my quick swat at the others,

Mittens (the kitten, will that help Acat?) was talking about ‘the height of trees’ in the state that is a must win. His stump speech is mind numbing. Someone call his tin ear, ‘Silver-Earplugs’. He has lost support of 34% of Independents in MI since last summer. How does Mitt put a winning coalition together? http://www.thedailybeast.com/newsweek/2012/02/19/mitt-romney-s-michigan-problem-reagan-democrats.html. The problems with his ‘Venture Capitol’ career is giant. eg: Does Bain have a forfeiture clause in their contract? I’ve seen a few of these contracts and every one says essentially, ‘if things don’t work out like you say we get everything by x date.” It’s how you come up with ‘vulture barrons’. There will be a ‘Vulture capitalist Pac’.. His Mormon faith will be a scab the MisMedia won’t let go, all to isolate him from other repubs. The drum is already starting to beat. http://www.tnr.com/article/politics/100375/romney-mormon-election-religion. There is an ex-mormon.org site with steps and all. Maybe the trees are too tall and I just can’t see but I think Sarah may have this one right.

Newt is the smartest candidate and may even have the best ideas but he can’t build a consensus to implement those ideas. Do you remember how he was on the cover of every news magazine in 1998? The libs wanted blood to get even for the impeachment of Clinton. He was a pariah. Do you believe the MisMedia (and Nancy P) have fired all their rounds? I considered supported his ‘new Newt’ routine until I heard the same self important guy. He is the worst polling candidate Head to Head against Obama because of those old negatives. He did his Mr Hyde impersonation in Florida and self distructed. How does that get better? 3/4 of his supporters go to Rick if Newt quits which is giant problems for Mitt (heyyy… all that new money for Newt… Mitt, you just hung up the phone from who!?) Kidding. I know where the $100 million came from, not 80,000 (like Rick) contributors….

Ron Paul sorry to say but I see as the path to the biblical Armageddon. His lack of support for the only stable government in the middle-east is horrifying. I know it’s bad to say out loud but all that rolls through my head when he talks is radioactive glass, the results of the test explosions in the 40’s. The result of his policies to cut loose Israel is an attack that comes from the ‘Arab-spring’. Israel will responded with deadly force. The gold standard is a farce, as we trade in ideas now not gold. I have 5 kids (not Catholic) I want to see them grow up and have kids of their own. The Paul crash in real estate I don’t want to see.

So, I’ve already violated my own rules by talking smack about the other guys. But I haven’t hidden I believe there is only one answer. Make your best case, put BYOC in the title or respond here and lets have some of this pontificating make a point.