Mitts not stupid or Hey, have you seen my new aluminium foil cap? Ron for Veep

I would ask you to help me connect these points , but I already have the string and I just need to pick up the push pins. My computer screen with all the tabs open looks like a crazy person lives in my house. 22 inches just barely holds all the links. The pins.. the screen..Somethings wrong. Maybe I just watched ‘A Beautiful Mind’ too many times last night.

  • Mitt Romney is not stupid. He knows about the problems Bain brings and the Occupy creeps. He won’t talk about his faith. The Mormon church approved his running so there is some kind of deal. Had to make sure they won’t get battered in his run, so his lips are sealed about the Temple. How does he win without Non-Mormon Christians? He gets 35%, all day long, because of his financial success.
  • People who seem like naturally opponents of Mitt are his most vociferous supporters. Conservative talking heads in TV and radio.
  • Ron Paul appeals to the independents outside of the repubs better than in. He piles on with Mitt and runs a Gingrich attack add in Florida and a Santorum attack ad in Michigan. Have there been any Romney attack adds from the (not Pauliacks) campaign? Did you see the interview with Bob Scheaffer Sunday, where he says Mitt, the signer of Romney care, as a ‘severe conservative’,  has a ‘Management style wins between the other three’!? Why is there is no stink up about a Pauliack county in Maine completely cancelling their caucus, that would have given Ron the state win? Whats going on?
  • Have you heard the Pauliacks say they control many more Caucus delegates than they should?
  • So onward and upward, Mitt, Rick, Newt, and Ron keep working for the nomination. No one winning the nomination because Millionaires keep all four going…. Wait who’s the Millionaire’s candidate?
  • Here’s where the Pauliacks freak. Paul gives his delegates to Romney for the veep seat. Coronation of Mitt by the  by the fiscal-anti-social repubs. Apostle Ron is forgiven for giving up the dream because he can work from the inside. Mitt gets their passion. McCain-Pailin II without the social angst. MisMedia falls all over themselves.
  • Mitt announces his Cabinet laced with the afor-unnamed conservative talking heads to get the Evangelicals to fall into line. They have a deal now, that’s why their supporting Mitt, so vociferously.
  • Mitt and Ron make a powerful appeal to the fiscal-conservative-non-religious-independents and win in November.
I’ve said I don’t believe this is a pluralistic nation. A Romney-Paul ticket would prove me wrong. I have an extra cap would you like to share?