The Anti-Anti Mitt Vote or No mangers allowed, I want a leader

Some in talk radio have derided the Santorum win here in Colorado and in Minnesota as, ‘These caucuses were self selecting of the ultra conservative and so there is no application to the campaign at large.’

Somehow those of us that don’t believe ‘the party’ does a very good job of picking candidates (Bush I,Dole, McCain vs Bush II, McCain vs Obama), and who remember how different things were with Ronald Reagan are titled the anti-establishment and lumped into the ‘Ultra-conservative, Anti-Romney’ vote.

Am I Ultra-Conservative? Or is this old establishment party that rewards the old horses that have ‘earned’ their place on a ticket, a group who are willing to sacrifice the future of our country simply for the preservation of their own shot at personal power? Somehow my being motivated to search for a President that could fill the grand shoes of Ronald Reagan is something belittled and considered harmful to Republicans and worse to our Nation as a whole.

The MSMedia calls my neck of the woods ‘fly-over country’. I wonder if those radio hosts have a similar blind spot about us little folks in the Mountain and Mid-West. Have they adopted this North-Eastern discounted view of the rest of the nation in their, blinders on, fluffing, for Mitt Romney?

I can tick off the success stories for each of the failed candidates that were put forward for our consumption. It’s just another way of requiring support for someone that can’t motivate people with passion to act on their behalf.

In my world a leader walks the walk and encourages people to follow. A manager tells the others what they should be doing while looking down their nose at those that don’t comply. I’m looking for a leader that can change the course my country is on, not another manager that will adjust the lights on the tennis courts of the White House and tell us all to do our part.

I believe Mitt Romney will just be another ‘party candidate’ and is incapable of empathizing with and understanding the problems facing the rest of America. His privileged upbringing (top 1% of the 1%) and NE heritage have created someone that appeals there and belly-flops here. I was born in Lexington, MA while my dad was at MIT but raised in Colorado. I have a 4×4 diesel crew cab pickup and put ATCs (3 wheelers, they aren’t illegal) in the back to ‘pollute’ the wild environment of the mountains to the west. I’ve worked for big NE insurance and mutual fund companies. They don’t understand me or the world that I live in.

Mitt’s comments and attitudes belie the same disproving parental attitude about the rest of us. His extreme wealth insulates him from the concerns of us little people. It is the same North-Eastern discounting that belittles the Tea-Party (‘Baggers’ at the office or dinner party or on late nite TV) that has driven a process the NE press has titled, ‘anybody but Mitt’ vote in the republican primary. It’s not we want anybody but Mitt, it’s that Mitt refuses to hear all us little cusses say, we don’t want another one..(see the list above). He’s the same as all the others. Sixty percent of us recognize he will lose and our ‘little’ world will get worse, not better.

Michael Dukakis. John Kerry. Mitt Romney. It’s the same tin eared candidate with the same foibles, but supposedly different politics and values. How much imagination will it take to write an advertisement that shows rich privileged Mitt against the defender of the poor, Obama? The, Which Mitt are you voting for? “flip flopper” advertisement because he said ‘Romney-care’ was great but wrong as ‘Obama-care’ and for the rest of the people. There will be the ex-Mormons Pac that will be Mitt’s Swift-boaters.

Lee Atwater will be reincarnated in David Axelrod. The Dems will just change the pictures from the ’84 campaign but they will spend 1.2 Billion dollars to keep the White House. The saddest part is the Dems will win, if Mitt is the nominee, because the rank and file republicans won’t vote. We recognize this guy. He has lost way too many times before. Even when when he won, we lost because it, ‘wouldn’t be prudent’.

We are the group that won’t settle for Mitt Romney. We are willing to risk it to find the “new” Ronald Reagan. Call me the Anti-Anti Mitt Vote. Call me a supporter for what America could be.

Call Rick Santorum my candidate.