Call to Action to All Republican Senators to deny Kagan

John Gizzi in Human Events Daily Events has an excellent article on a 6 point plan to stop the nomination of Elena Kagan for the life time appointment to the Supreme Court by Mike Hammond.


Here is the 6 points:

1. Oppose Cloture on Anything—“The Way We Did in 1990”

2. End Business As Usual—“Obama is Not FDR”

3. Recognize Kagan Could Be Deciding Vote on Obamacare

4. Make Solomon Amendment Opposition A Key Issue

5. Bring to Life Kagan’s Goldman-Sachs Connection

6. Use Rules to the Greatest Advantage Possible

Warning to all Republican Senators: Don’t drop the Ball on this one like you did on the Healthcare. Lifetime appointment will allow Obama to leave his legacy beyond his terms with a 50 year nominee who can become one day the chief justice of US. I urge all members on RS to start a campaign to call their senators and give them fair warning. Unfortunately in my home state of California, I do not have any Republican senators to call.

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