Should GOP delay SCOTUS nomination to replace Justice Stevens beyond Nov. Election? I say Yes.

Since the SCOTUS appointment is a life time appointment and considering that BO will appoint a most radical person to raplace the retiring Justice Stevens, I think GOP should delay and use every parliamentary maneuvers at its disposal. In light of how they have ram roded the HC Bill many Senators and Congressmen had promised all out legislative war on all new policy initiatives and new appointments requiring Senate approval. I think this appointment is one of the most everlasting legacy of any president and we do want to stop his radical changes to our country. Here is our opportunity to stop them by not letting the Senate majority to steam roll GOP minority to  get the nomination through the confirmation process and new justice take the seat at the new October session. I remember how Pat Leahy and his cohorts Borked so many Bush 43rd’s appointments.  BO voted against Chief Justice Roberts as well as Alito. Why shoud we make it easier for them? I say use every mean possible and delay till we get the majority in new session. Its time to declare all out political war on Democrats for the imposition of their radical agenda.