Ultimate Irony

Wouldn’t it be the ultimate irony and revenge if Teddy Kennedy’s Senate seat is captured by a Republican who provides the 41st vote for the filibuster and defeat the “Health Care Takeover” by the Federal Govt.

Teddy Kennedy’s life long dream of Nationalizing health care and a single payer system going up in smoke. I would like nothing better. It will be interesting tomorrow morning when Rasmussen Poll comes out.

Just heard on John Bachelor show that Mass has 2.5 million Independent, 1.5 Million Democrats and .5 million Republicans. However the Independents are fiscally conservative and socially moderate or libertarian. The polling shows Independents are breaking for Scott Brown.

If the Mass Secy of State refuses to certify the election if Scott Brown wins, so the Paul Kirk can provide the 60th vote, is there any legal remedy?