San Jose Mercury News asks its readers

This morning in Sunday Mercury News MIke Cassidy aksed his readers to help and challenged them to find the reasons why they are losing circulation and readers. In response I sent him the following email:


You asked your readers to help you to find solutions to the problems Mercury News and the newspaper industry in general is facing. But in the same story when you called the arguments that the major news services AP and UPI, newspapers and Mercury news is too liberal and biased, simplistic, you and the rest of the industry let all your readers know that like an addicted person you are in denial. You do not want to accept the root cause of your problems: that more than 40% of the population is center right and only 20% (the latest Gallup Survey shows this) of the population is liberal. So by what logic do you expect to continue to prosper or even be profitable when you cater to 20% of the minority?

If it were not for the blatant liberal bias within the main stream media, the blogs, alternative websites and all the conservative talk radio would have not grown, thrived and prospered. As a naturalized citizen who has lived in this country for nearly 4 decades, I have seen the newspapers and 3 TV networks become advocates for the values which majority of the voters oppose and abhor. Even though I am a subscriber to Mercury News for 20 years, lately I can finish the news stories in the main section in less than 10 minutes by simply reading the headlines and knowing exactly what the stories will cover. Where is the investigative journalism to ask questions about all the “Czars” being appointed by the Obama administration without any Congressional scrutiny in violation of the constitution? The list is endless of the non coverage of the corruption of the Democratic leadership including the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee.

My only reason to continue to subscribe is for the local ads and coupons. Many of your former subscribers did not see the value of paying even for that and subscribe for the paper.

In my opinion, unless Mercury News covers the news with balance and presents both sides of the news, and does not denigrate the conservatives values and political thinking as fringe elements of the society; you are soon going to be out of business and the new alternative media on both sides of the cultural and poitical spectrum will continue to grow and thrive.

I wonder if I should celebrate that you and your journalist brethren are in denial.