Republican History-Making

I’ve been waiting for just the right time to blog about my views on the presidential race. After yesterday’s announcement, I now have that perfect moment. Let me tell you, Oprah Winfrey, if I had been wearing eyelashes, I would have probably cried mine off too! (I’m an au naturel kind of girl myself.) Grinning ear-to-ear, tears welling in my eyes, I silently listened to Sarah Palin’s speech, and I thought “Now this is what a pivotal moment in history looks like, Mr. Obama.” Sarah Palin is in fact the first woman Vice Presidential candidate on the Republican ticket.

There is, of course, a lot of buzz that McCain chose Palin because Obama did not choose Hillary in sort of a “he wasn’t brave enough to pick a girl, but I am” tactic. Sure McCain wants the female vote, but he is intelligent enough to know he couldn’t do this with just any woman by his side. Women have been given a female choice before, and that didn’t turn out so well. (Perhaps because Geraldine Ferraro reminds us all too much of Camilla Parker-Bowles, the Cruella De Vil of England, foe of the world’s Beloved Diana.) The point is, not just any woman would do. She has to be a strong, independent woman who can show her tough side and then turn around and hug her kids.

Enter Sarah Palin.

Yes, just like the rest of you, I had had to hit the web in search of information about this new girl on the block. I had no idea who she was or what she was about, but from what I’m reading, she’s a class act who would be fully capable of drop-kicking bin Laden and still make it home in time to serve up a fresh batch of moose burgers to her family, which by the way, she hunted down herself. Sounds like my kind of girl.

Let’s examine a few arguments I heard this morning on the news against Palin’s nomination. First, I hear the Pro-Choice community has its panties in a twist because Palin was recently praised by Pro-Lifers for choosing to give birth to her youngest son, who was prediagnosed with Down Syndrome through prenatal testing. Good for her! Palin is pro-contraception. Aren’t we all in some way? If you don’t want to have a baby, it’s pretty simple to prevent that from happening. I don’t really understand what pro-choicers are fighting for anymore. The world of contraception is so far advanced since Roe v. Wade, the need for abortion is nil. If you are too poor, too sick, or too young to have a baby, then don’t! What about rape victims? How about tougher penalties for sex crimes and crimes against women and children? It seems to me most pro-choicers are also against the death penalty. Funny, isn’t it? To be against killing a child molester, but for killing a innocent child. I guess if you’re going to be an activist…..

Sarah Palin lacks national security experience. I reply, “And so does Barack Obama.” A lot of you are asking whatever we shall do if McCain as President takes an early leave of absence from the place we call life. Well, I’d say we lean on the hope that our V.P. then (which would be the Speaker of the House, elected by our state representatives) would have that national security experience. Isn’t that what we’re hoping for in the way of Obama/Biden anyway? Sarah Palin having no security experience is a stupid argument served up to us on a silver platter by Mr. No-Experience Obama’s campaign spokesmen. It may make the experience argument now an even playing field, which in my opinion is fine. My vote goes to the party who best stands for what I believe. As far as national security goes, the McCain/Palin ticket is a winner for our military. Now we not only have the choice of a 5-year POW with a powerful and meaningful love of country, we have a mom who is sharing her eldest son with us all. A son who will in fact fight for the liberty and freedom of our country and others in Iraq. John McCain proudly has three military sons, one a former US Naval pilot, one attending the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, and one currently serving in the US Marine Corp headed to Iraq. And what is the difference between McCain’s and Palin’s sons and the son of Joe Biden who is a member of the National Guard and JAG? McCain and Palin are adamant supporters of the US military, whereas Biden is quoted saying he does not want his son to go to Iraq. Obama is focused on getting our military out of Iraq, and I suppose he’s going to do this by crawling in the cave with bin Laden and having a powwow. I think McCain/Palin send the kind of message our young men and women in the military need to be hearing.

At least the argument about the wealth of the Republican ticket can’t be thrown about anymore either. Though I did see that MSNBC decided to throw up a “Breaking News” banner asking “How many houses does Palin bring to the Republicans?” Well, I’m not sure, you pathetic excuse of news broadcasting. But why don’t you ask Todd Palin that question while he’s towing in a net of fish? Seems to me he’s the only blue-collar type worker involved in this election, be as it may by association. Fishing is a gambling game, you never know what you’re going to pull out of the water, empty or full, but at least he has a job and doesn’t seem to be the kind of guy planning to ride the welfare train. If you want to whine about the economy and what you don’t have because there isn’t enough money to go around, then take a chapter out of Todd Palin’s book and work two jobs. American families are losing their homes because they overspend. They take out loans left and right, credit card it up at Wal-mart, and compete with the Joneses until they can’t anymore, and then what? They whine like it’s someone else’s fault. Maybe they should put as much effort into building their own businesses as they do in trying to play the system. Just a thought….

Yeah, a lot of you who know me are saying, “She would side on the team of the outdoorsy mom of five,” and I say to you, “Yes, I would!” I love the fact she hunts and fishes. I applaud her as a devoted mother and wife. She is beautiful inside and out, gutsy, and mouthy enough to tell it like it is. No, she is not Hillary Clinton, because she is a Republican who just happens to be a woman, and we are damn proud that she is! It’s about time!