A Midweek Recapitulation

Though this week is a mere few days old, it has been yet another busy one for news. Here is my quick and opinionated review:

The wife of the Orlando shooter has been formally charged for colluding with her husband and the Ft. Lauderdale Airport shooter claimed that he acted on ISIS’s behalf. Surprising that Obama boasts of a clean record when it comes to terrorism in the United States.

Speaking of Obama, he’s gone on a bit of a pardoning-spree (rivaling that of Bill Clinton’s).  Today he commuted Chelsea Manning’s sentence (who leaked classified information through WikiLeaks). Funny, I thought WikiLeaks worked with the Russians and Obama punished them for it. Maybe that was all a dream.

MLK day was yesterday and while most media outlets used it as a time to remember his incredible legacy and encourage readers to emulate it, USA Today thought it would be a good time to divide American’s further by posting an article titled “Whites killed MLK. Now we honor him.” The white guy who killed MLK was also a Democrat so I guess it’s fair to say, “Democrats killed MLK.” What nonsense.

Repeal and Replace is in motion but Trump’s plan regarding healthcare is becoming more confusing and impossible. Hopefully Tom Cotton leads the efforts.

Chelsea Handler, a comedian-etc., believes that the Kardashians (who supported Hillary) and the culture they usher forth are to blame for Trump’s election. I thought it was the Russians?

Some Democrats (surprisingly not Sanders) are claiming that Trump’s election was illegitimate due to the Russian hacking. Even though the Russians did not tamper with any voting systems or produce false information, these Democrats are sticking to a narrative they will regret later on.

Planned Parenthood has released a few ads that have nothing to do with Women’s Health or Abortions (one on a bi-sexual male, another on black emojis, etc.) which has me wondering if they’re trying to distract from the whole “We’re in the business of killing” thing.