Black Lives Matter and Fidel Castro


In an article posted on Medium, Black Lives Matter demonstrated their stalwart adoration for Fidel Castro, asking that people ignore the supposed right-wing rhetoric about the bad things he may have done and focus on his liberation, justice, and revolution in Cuba!


But did Fidel liberate Cuba? He promised democratic voting but never delivered on it and instead held a gluttonous amount of wealth while his people starved. What’s liberating about sending anyone who vocally disagrees with you to slave yards or death row? And on death row, Fidel would “liberate” these poor souls of their blood just before shooting them, selling each pint to the highest bidder. The only Cubans that were liberated while Fidel held power were those fortunate enough to escape.


One of the saddest parts of the article is in the second to last paragraph when BLM praises Fidel for all of the things he has done for Black People on a global scale (one of their guiding principles harps on this sort of Black-centric globalism quite a bit). They praise Fidel for his harboring of a former Black Panther member who is not only a convicted murder but a domestic terrorist. They praise Fidel for his generous gifts to Haiti after the 2010 earthquake (I can’t find evidence of this but I’m sure our 13 billion is peanuts in comparison). This praise of Fidel is shared among similar BLM-type groups. Interesting how they forget that Che Guevara, Fidel’s Chief executioner – if such a title exists – believed that Black people were an inferior race, gross, and stupid beyond reason.


On BLM’s website, in their Guiding Principles page, they state an unquestionable allegiance to the comfort, freedom, and acceptance of gay people. They must have missed the part where Fidel sent homosexuals off to labor prisons for being just that.


It is not only this disunion of historical facts from their personal reality that bothers me so much but the complete praise of revolution for revolution’s sake. Too often in history was a revolution just a re-packaging of a poor system, no real solutions attached. Our Founding Fathers fought the Brits over tax laws, freedom and justice for all came later and took a long time (and much bloodshed) to install. The boring side of politics and government is lost on BLM, all they want is a revolution against the powers that be, as they see them. But even Fidel had more of a justification for revolution than they.