John Salazar's desperate attack ads

Congressman Salazar (D-CO) must be feeling the heat – or else he just does whatever Pelosi and the DCCC tell him. His latest attack ad accuses Scott Tipton of wanting to slap a 23% tax on all Americans. Whatever. Tipton’s position on taxes could be summarized like this: Lower taxes. Period. In fact, Tipton openly pledged to not raise taxes, and invited his opponent to make the same pledge. Salazar refuses. Tipton also pledged to NOT support the ADDITIONAL VAT that Pelosi is proposing, something Salazar also will not commit to doing. Salazar’s claims are so blatantly false – and so common among Democrats – that it has made national news.

The Hill reports that research by FairTax.org shows that Democrats in 16 districts have run at least 31 ads blasting Republicans for supporting a consumption tax. What they DON’T mention is that what is essentially a national sales tax would REPLACE the current federal tax system.

FactCheck.org also slammed the DCCC for the ads.

“Democrats are accusing Republicans of supporting a 23 percent sales tax on everything, which would be on top of all existing taxes… it’s misrepresenting by omission of the FairTax idea,” FactCheck.org director Brooks Jackson told The Hill.

The DCCC was forced to pull an ad off the air in Michigan’s 1st district because of its misleading nature. Philip Hinson, national spokesman for FairTax.org said “It just speaks to the desperation of the Democratic Party because they see an absolute tsunami developing and they can’t come up with anything better than this.”

Salazar doesn’t let the facts bother him when it comes to campaign ads. He sure doesn’t like it, though, when Tipton points out that Salazar voted for the budget-busting Obamacare, the failed stimulus plan and effectively RAISED TAXES on all Americans when he cast the deciding vote to adjourn rather than address extending the Bush tax cuts.

All in all, the truth seems to be quite the annoyance to him, doesn’t it? Shame on him. I’ll be the first to call on Congressman John Salazar to pull his inaccurate, deceitful ad, misrepresenting his opponent’s position on tax policy. Time to man up, Congressman, and do the honest thing. Pull ’em today.