Utah's Matheson now scaring seniors to win votes

Congressman Jim Matheson (D-UT) claims to be a fiscal conservative. He assures voters they can count on him to rein in government spending but when his conservative GOP opponent Morgan Philpot talks about true reform, Matheson turns it into an attack ad. In August, Philpot talked about a plan to keep this country from plunging off the financial cliff. He has short-term, medium-term and long-term goals.

In the long term, Philpot knows we need to address entitlement programs. Right now, this “non-discretionary” spending, aka “entitlement spending”, uses up almost all of the money the federal government brings in. The rest of government is run on a credit card.

No one can call themselves a “fiscal conservative” when they refuse to address entitlement spending. NO ONE. Matheson obviously is NOT interested in really doing the heavy lifting required of true fiscal conservatives. Instead, he takes Philpot’s statements about reforming entitlement spending and sends out a mailer scaring senior citizens by telling them that Philpot wants to gamble away their retirement.

In fact, what Philpot said was that he wanted to address reforming Social Security that does not affect those currently receiving benefits while reforming the ongoing program for future generations ala Paul Ryan’s “Roadmap for America.”

Whatever it takes, eh Congressman?