John Salazar's outlandish claims

Congressman John Salazar (D-CO) refuses to stand by his record of spend, spend, spend. He has apparently decided that the only way to boost his floundering campaign is to sling mud. And let’s be honest – it worked for him in 2004 when he swept into office as the “Gang of Four” flipped Colorado from red to blue. This year is different however. We have an engaged electorate who is not buying the tripe being shoveled their way from the party in power. At a recent debate Salazar claimed that Obamacare was a great deficit reduction plan – and the audience immediately burst into derisive laughter.

He is a man who will say anything to avoid his record – and who hopes no one is paying attention. He’s trying to fly under the radar as much as possible, with very few public appearances and even ditching a debate he initially agreed to attend. Sorry, No-Show – we’re paying attention, and “We the People” will be showing you the door.