Blue-dog Matheson is desperate - and it shows

Congressman Jim Matheson is finally facing a potentially tight election- the first one since 2002 – and he’s getting desperate. He has been trying to fly under the radar, with zero town halls and only one live debate, held at a Chamber of Commerce luncheon in St George. He avoids letting anyone know he’s a Democrat. (Try finding the letter D, a donkey, or any other symbol on his signs. Or his website. Not there.)

His votes finally have scrutiny, the blogosphere is paying attention and the price of ignoring the Internet is catching up with him. (Seriously – check out www.jimmatheson.com and see what I mean!)

In an amazing coincidence, pro-Philpot and anti-Matheson signs have been disappearing all over the district. Intersections have signs for local candidates, Senate candidates from both parties and plenty of Matheson signs – but no Philpot signs, even though they are replaced regularly. The prime targets for these illegal removals are the very visible Matheson=Pelosi signs that Utah volunteers have been placing all over the second district.

Last night, 4 separate groups of people, in 4 separate cities, were caught in the act of removing signs and with startling similarity, all told the very same story – they were doing it for the good of the community since they didn’t think they complied with city ordinances. St George, Lehi, Sandy and Murray and they all with the exact same story. What are the odds?!

Oh, and speaking of desperate freefall…….