Matheson - head of the lap dog coalition

This weekend, the Wall Street Journal published an article titled “The Lap Dog Coalition” about the self-described fiscal conservatives from the D side of the aisle. “The Blue Dog Coalition isn’t a vehicle to help conservative Democrats influence policy,” the article states. “It is a marketing brand to help vulnerable Democrats deceive voters.”

In the words of Pete Geren of Texas, they were “yellow dogs choked blue” by the strident economic liberalism of their party leaders. Actually, “yellow” is a more accurate color to describe the cowardly actions of these Pelosi lap dogs led by none other than Utah’s own Jim Matheson.

Remember that he was quite certain that the House needed to remain in session to extend the Bush tax cuts, but when Pelosi needed him to vote to adjourn, he fell right in line. Back at home, he is under fire. Radio talk show king, Doug Wright, berated him for an hour. The blog-o-spere erupted with posts like “Matheson Appeases,” “One Vote Makes a Difference,” and “Matheson chooses Pelosi over Utah“. Even the Trib comment boards went after him.

Jim tried to soft-pedal his unwillingness to stand up to Pelosi by passing the buck: “There was no reason to stay. The bill was never going to be brought up. The Senate wasn’t going to move its bill. I think it’s important for members go out and be with their constituents and hear from them. I hope that will get some people in a better frame of mind for addressing this issue.”

Really? REALLY? And just when will he be holding a town hall to “hear from his constituents”? Oh that’s right – never.

Never fear – Jim can hear from his constituents on November 2nd when they send that blue-dog home with his tail between his legs. Arf, arf.