Philpot a "stone's throw" away

Utah’s second Congressional district has a Democrat incumbent in the one of the reddest districts in the country (R+15). How is that even possible? Pelosi lap-dog, Jim Matheson, smugly assumes he can continue flying under the radar. Today, he voted for adjournment, punting on a vote to extend the Bush tax cuts.

That move to adjourn passed by one vote. One Jim-Matheson-sized vote. That’s right – the so-called fiscal conservative voted WITH Nancy Pelosi – like he does over 93% of the time. He could have shown leadership and demanded that Congress extend the Bush tax cuts but instead, he continued to show his true colors – a wimpy, go-along-to-get-along kind of Congressman. The kind that voted to extend the debt ceiling by almost $2 trillion. The kind that voted for Cash for Clunkers. The kind that refuses to repeal Obamacare. The kind that voted for deem-and-pass. Time for that kind to be recalled, don’t you think?

His Republican opponent, Morgan Philpot, released a new campaign ad today.

Matheson calls Philpot’s chances of winning “laughable”. Famous last words. If you want to help have the last laugh, head on over to Philpot’s website and donate. Help FIRE Nancy Pelosi and her lap-dog coalition.