Utah's Morgan Philpot surging

In one of the reddest districts in America held by a Democrat (R+15), GOP challenger Morgan Philpot is giving one of Pelosi’s lap dogs a run for his money. For some reason, the district has been written off by the powers-that-be since John Swallow lost to Jim Matheson in 2002 but in this year of the conservative, Matheson faces a real battle.

Dick Morris recently released polling information that put Philpot within three points of Matheson and today, CBS News gave Philpot the edge.

In an election year where pundits are predicting a tidal wave for Republicans, “Phantom Jim” refuses to debate his GOP challenger and redefines “town hall” to include a closed meetings and phone calls so he can claim he’s holding them. In contrast, Philpot is ready and willing to debate – so much so that he challenged the incumbent to a series of debates – that Matheson’s spokeswoman turned down and mocked. Philpot continues to hold several town halls per week.

In a year when the Republican wave is sweeping across the nation, there is no reason – indeed, no excuse – for a Democrat to hold a seat in Utah of all places. Become a Philpot Phan and help fire Nancy Pelosi 38 days from now.