Sarah Palin endorses Colorado's Tipton

The news just keeps getting better for Scott Tipton and fellow conservatives in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional district. The GOP candidate running against incumbent John Salazar, Tipton received Governor Sarah Palin’s endorsement today, continuing a run of good news for the small businessman.

Within the last 10 days, Tipton was endorsed by the Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce, achieved “Young Guns” status with the NRCC, then become one of the 20 candidates Palin is endorsing – and promoting – with her new “Take Back the 20” plan.

Palin’s new effort commemorates the six-month anniversary of the passage of health care reform and clearly targets 20 House Democrats who backed the legislation.

“Now we can vote against them,” she said, urging supporters to replace them with “good conservatives who will vote to repeal and replace Obamacare.”

Speaking of Scott Tipton, Palin said

As a small business leader, Scott Tipton knows how government red tape strangles small businesses. Let’s send this commonsense leader to Washington to cut red tape and let small businesses thrive and grow with freedom.

Tipton has led in all polling done since the middle of August.