Winds of change blowing across Colorado

Colorado – now well-known for the so-called “Colorado Model” of Democrats taking over elections – is seeing the winds blow the other direction.  Conservative Ken Buck is likely to win the Senate seat.  Cory Gardner is likely to upset Betsy Markey and in the sprawling 3rd Congressional district, Republican Scott Tipton is surging and may very well unseat incumbent John Salazar.

Tipton, a fiscal and social conservative from Cortez, ran against Salazar in 2006.  Salazar won handily.  Tipton then ran for and won a seat in the Colorado Assembly and is now back to challenge Salazar.  His message of fiscal restraint and his real-life experience in the business world is resonating with the voters of the 3rd district.  They “get” that even though Salazar claims to be a “blue dog” Democrat, a fiscal conservative, he voted for Obamacare, a fiscal nightmare!  In fact, this past weekend, both candidates faced off in a debate.  Salazar claimed that Obamacare was a “deficit reduction plan”.  The audience literally laughed at him.

Here’s a clip of Tipton speaking at the rally before Saturday’s debate:

Colorado peeps, here is your chance to flip your state back to red.  Can’t wait to see you do it.