Morgan Philpot ready to get to work

Utah’s token Democrat, Jim Matheson, votes with Nancy Pelosi over 93% of the time. He has a “Big Spender” rating by NTU, voted twice in the last year to extend the debt ceiling, voted for cash for clunkers and yes, he voted for the stimulus, so let’s just put the “blue dog” label to rest, shall we? He could more aptly be called a Pelosi lap-dog, voting “no” only when she allows him to.

In addition to voting yes on spending the taxpayers’ money over and over again, he is remarkably timid when it comes to sponsoring bills. In 10 years (10. As in a decade.) he has sponsored only 59 bills. The first two years he was in office, he barely managed to sponsor 5 bills, none of which passed. According to the “Govtrack” website, he has only passed two bills during that decade.

So, he won’t hold town halls, he spends like a drunken sailor, he votes FOR and WITH Nancy Pelosi, won’t sponsor bills and his own party keeps him in the dark, even on things like the nominee for Utah’s US attorney. Oh, and he’ll be in the minority party once again come November.

Republican opponent Morgan Philpot points out Matheson’s remarkable lack of effectiveness in his latest campaign ad. Time for this “blue dog” to come on home.