• My family is tradionally Democrat and yes I voted for Kerry. But this Democatic party has evolved into something so un-American and so un-Godly that I have dug a hole and buried it to give it a proper burial. Our freedoms die alittle more each day as we dare to disagree with others and this new age party. And to the length that they will go, to silense all who would not embrace their ideas, is totally against our civil liberties and illeagal. They make no appologies and they have certainly bought the media. They continue to lie to “WE THE PEOPLE” to hide thier real agendas. It’s hard for me to believe that there are truely good people who actually believe the garbage they spew out of thier mouths. If “WE THE PEOPLE” do not stand up for the principals that this country was founded on, you might as well kiss this great nation goodbye. Most Americans do not know that nowhere in our Constitution does it separate church and state. What it does say is that state/government can not pass any laws against our religious freedoms or practices. This notion was taken from a letter from one of our Founding Fathers in response to one of the churches. And look where this has led us. And this isn’t just about religiousfreedom, it’s about all our freedoms. So, I want to warn you. Before you vote,make darn sure that you are well informed and are not just listening to the rederic of either party. Myself, I’m voting for MCCAIN/PALIN because I believe in the same values that have kept our nation safe. So, WAKE UP AMERICA ANDFIGHT BEFORE YOU LOOSE THE RIGHT TO FIGHT!
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