Three Hearts, the U.S. Open and Things More Important Than Washington

For me, this weekend is always one of my favorites. The confluence of the U.S. Open and Father’s Day is hard to beat for a golfer – and this year, the Open is at the famed Pebble Beach Golf Links, which just makes it even that much more special.

When in doubt, ignore Washington – it’s good for your health. I did today, choosing to tune in golf. And there is a story going on even you non-golfers should appreciate.

Erik Compton qualified for the U.S. Open at a 36-hole sectional qualifier last week. But as difficult as that is, that’s not the story – a number of people do that every year. What is interesting is that Mr. Compton has someone else’s heart.

Indeed, this is his third heart. When he was 12, Erik received a heart from a young 15 year-old girl named Jannine who had been killed by a drunk driver. That heart gave Erik 16 years – in which he took up the game of golf, played in college and turned pro. Then, a couple of years ago, he had a heart attack. Now he has a new heart – that of Isaac, a University of Dayton volleyball player killed in a hit-and-run. His third heart.

Erik – who had his wife, parents, 14 month old, friends and, rather heartwarmingly, so to speak, his extended donor family members following him – played just well enough to give him a chance to make the cut if he can play better tomorrow, sitting at +6 after today’s round (Phil is +4, and Tiger +3, and the leaders are -2, to give you perspective).

I will have something much more fun and much more important to enjoy tomorrow than what the fools in Washington are up to.