You Know Your Enemies And They Stand Before You

There simply are no words to describe the damage inflicted yesterday by Democrats upon America, her citizens, and the millions around the globe who look to America for hope – as the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Make no mistake about it – what happened yesterday was not brave, it was cowardly. It was not the best of America, it was the worst. And – at least with respect to the vote itself – it was not Republicans, it was Democrats. President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and every other Democrat who sold his soul for 30 shekels of silver ignored the clear will of the American people. It was brazen. It was arrogant. And, it was a thumb in the eye of democracy, liberty, and most of all, the American people.

But rest easy. For now you know your enemies. And they stand before you.

For too many years, America has been attacked quietly – the serpent waiting patiently for his prey, striking only periodically. Starting primarily with the New Deal, incremental socialism as President Reagan famously observed, has been slowly eating away at the great American fabric of individual self-reliance, personal responsibility and limited government… Government program by government program, inch-by-inch, career politician-by-career politician… Democrat AND Republican. For decades, you have been losing your God-given and hard-fought birthright of freedom as surely as the vote that slapped you in the face yesterday.

But now… now, you know. Your enemy is clear. And the enemy has made clear their intentions – and that is the complete re-making of America.

Your enemy now is any Democrat – for it is a Party blinded by false notions of compassion, willing to trade liberty for self promotion and so devoid of a soul that innocent life is but a trivial instrument to barter. It is a Party lacking character and it is a Party that simply does not believe in the America of our founding.

But your enemy also is any Republican who is complicit in expanding government at the expense of liberty… Any Republican who would join hands with evil and continue to walk the road of denial, telling you he is fighting for America while he negotiates away her very foundation… And, specifically, any Republican who will not state clearly and succinctly that he will fight each and every day to repeal, de-fund, and otherwise eviscerate the healthcare bill.

And your enemy is the bill itself. For, if we do not repeal this bill, we will have nothing left. We will have forsaken all those who have bled to hand down to us this, the greatest nation the world has ever known – and we will have made a mockery of God’s blessing on this nation.

The time has come to say, “no more.” Not my country. Not on my watch. I will not stand by and let my nation be sold into the chains of tyranny in the false name of compassion. The opening words of the Declaration of Independence were nothing short of magnificent – charting a new course for humanity and laying the foundation for a new world. But, the actual force of the document were not the first words – rather they were the last:

“And for the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.”

What will we do?