Our Friend Paula Nowakowski

We in the conservative movement are not shy to criticize members of Republican leadership – and by implication (or occasionally, directly) their staff. But those of us who have worked on Capitol Hill know precisely how hard it is to find good staff, how hard those good staff members work, and how important they can be – not just to the members – but to the conservative cause.

We lost one of the best of those staff members this weekend – our friend, Paula Nowakowski. Paula was a long time adviser to Leader Boehner, having started with him back in 1995, and was most recently his Chief of Staff.

This loss is personal to Boehner, and he issued a statement, saying in part:

“We will remember Paula as she would want to be remembered — as a tireless worker, faithful friend, rabid Detroit sports fan, whip-smart strategist, warrior for freedom and devoted Catholic who counted President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II among her greatest heroes. She will never be replaced or forgotten,” Boehner said.

In addition, former Speaker New Gingrich said “Paula brought a passion for freedom, a warrior’s courage, a seasoned professional intellect and an enormous devotion both as a Catholic and as a Republican activist.”

Indeed, Paula was “of the revolution” and never lost her fervor for the battle. She was a friend to conservatives and did her best in the face of the Washington Republican establishment to keep the Republican Conference on the right track.

I had the pleasure of working with Paula and she was as delightful as she was smart and hard-working. She will be missed – and our hearts and well wishes go out to her family and friends.

I noticed when I looked for some updates online that one of the typically classy loony left posted a posthumous rant about Paula – which I know she would take as a badge of honor. I won’t link to it, but it read, in part, “…she pushed the most stringent anti-abortion crap along the political highway, and for years, she has been the chief of staff of one J. Boehner… This woman has been pushing Reagan and newt’s ultra-conservatism for decades…”

Yep. And I suspect the conversation with St. Pete is going quite well.

God Bless you, Paula. We’ll miss you.