Healthcare on My Wife's Mind

This was something my wife was going to post on Facebook, but it became too long and I thought it worthy of sharing here:

Health care “reform” is on my mind today. Seems it’s going to pass the Senate and may become law in some form. I’ve always believed that government involvement in our lives is a very bad thing. That is especially true with healthcare. Honestly, I think one need only look at the looming medicare bankruptcy [see, e.g., here] and consider that in context with other interactions with the government to come to the conclusion that allowing the government to involve itself any further into our healthcare is a terrible idea.

That said, my opposition now is far more personal than that. I have a newborn son. He had a cold a few weeks ago, and he has another one now. No big deal; he’ll be fine. But in the last several weeks I’ve talked to the nurse at his pediatrician’s office a dozen times, maybe. I’ve filled 2 prescriptions. I’ve worried about his fever, and I’ve called the nurse again. More, earlier this year, our family had another health concern come up – and we’ve gone through tests, procedures, office visits and lots of interaction with the healthcare system generally – almost every aspect of it, positive.

But, my family spends a lot of money for good health insurance and we have done so for a long time. That’s ok – because I am not sure I could tell you that it’s “too much.” I can tell you it’s unnecessarily complicated – almost always due to government regulation – but it’s something we are more than happy to budget for. More, I am conscious not to use our healthcare coverage like it’s “free.” It’s not free – nurses and doctors and meds all cost money, but they make my life better and they help my son and my family stay healthy. I value that, and I am willing to save my money elsewhere to spend it for health care.

One thing I know for certain – in a system where the government rations, manages and otherwise dictates our health care, it will be nothing to value, and only the wealthy will be able to find quality care outside of the system. That is both tragic and immoral. I would do anything to keep my son and my family healthy, and until this monstrous bill becomes law (and, God help us, even after), I will do anything to preserve my right to do so in a free, innovative, efficient, and yes, often expensive, private market. Our healthcare system may not be perfect, but it’s the best in the world. The idea that, due to government interference, it may not be the success story in 10 years that it is right now – and that I may not be able to get the care I seek for my son and my family – is an outrage and deserving of our full, immediate attention. There are reforms we can and should make – but,the bills under consideration right now are not making those reforms. They are an anti-American, immoral, abomination – passed not in good faith, but so that a handful of corrupt, self-congratulating elitists in Washington can feel good about themselves.

I remain hopeful that we can stop this bill. But, we are running out of time. If we do not stop the bill’s passage, every politician advocating for or complicit in its passage should fear for his job and know he will pay for this.

That’s what’s on my mind today.