Hutchison Implies Fellow Republicans Are Anti-Troops

Earlier today, Erick pointed out that Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, despite having promised to stay and “fight” against healthcare in Washington while campaigning for Texas Governor (and in so doing, jamming up her fellow Republican candidates in Texas while they wait for her to supposedly resign in March), refused to support her fellow Republicans in an important cloture vote.

Yet now, in an “I was for the filibuster before I was against it” moment reminiscent of John Kerry, Senator Hutchison put out a statement (below in its entirety) that basically implies that her fellow Republican Senators are somehow against the troops. Given that we all know this to be false – is this a case of Senator Hutchison wanting her cake and eating it too? Nooo… it couldn’t be.

WASHINGTON, D.C.- Following U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison’s vote in favor of the Department of Defense Appropriations bill that funds American troops on the battlefields in Afghanistan and Iraq defending our nation against jihadist terrorists, Hutchison Communications Director Jeff Sadosky release the following statement:

“Once the Democrats had broken the Republican filibuster, which Senator Hutchison supported, she voted in support of our troops who are fighting a war against terrorism,” said Jeff Sadosky, Communications Director for U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison.

Keep in mind, 33 fellow Republicans voted AGAINST cloture, including Sen. Thad Cochran, the Ranking Republican on Appropriations (and the bill’s co-author!), with 4 Republicans not voting. Senator Hutchison was joined only by the entire Democrat caucus, and – hold on – you’ll NEVER guess… Senators Snowe and Collins.